Meet The Maker: What Daisy Did

May 17, 2017
You may remember I did a series of interviews with some fab ethical brands for Fashion Revolution week. Well, I loved getting to know the people behind these brands so much I wanted to speak to even more inspirational brands. I’ve created a separate Meet The Maker category so you can discover lots of great ethical brands all in one place. Today I’m talking to Daisy from What Daisy Did which is an amazing ethical and sustainable accessories brand. They create beautiful bags from materials which would have otherwise ended up in landfill.

Could you introduce yourself and tell me about your brand?

My name is Daisy from What Daisy Did we design and make ethical and sustainable fashion accessories from waste materials from various industries in both the UK and India. We wanted to create bags that are stylish, unique, timeless and ethical!

Meet the Maker: What Daisy DidWhy do you think Fashion Revolution and the slow fashion movement are important?

There has been a lot of progress in the Fashion Industry and so many amazing ethical brands emerging but it still needs to be pushed into the forefront and the mainstream, to dis-spell all myths about ethical fashion being itchy hemp shirts and really expensive so that it can become the norm. I think this is what Fashion Revolution will be able to achieve!

Could you tell me about how you ensure your brand remains ethical/sustainable?

We pay fair prices, use recycled materials and vow to never compromise on our ethics!

Meet the Maker: What Daisy DidPrice is often given as a barrier to ethical fashion. Could you tell me the average price of your pieces? (If they are £100+ please explain the higher cost eg fair wages, quality, materials etc)

Our products range from £20 to £170 so there is something to suit every budget, all the pricing is calculated by the material cost and wages (we pay all of our employees both in India and the UK the living wage) and we cap our profits per item to make sure that the bags are reasonably priced for the customer.  When you are looking at the price of something you should always take into the account the quality, our Wayfarer Collection might be higher priced but comes with a 3-year guarantee and should last even longer than that! With lesser quality products you could end up buying 1 every year for a third of the price and it would add up to the same amount.

What are your top tips for consumers looking to make more ethical purchases?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Ask a company for their policies, where their clothes are made and by who, we believe in complete transparency and love it when customers take an interest in not just our products but their story! Ask for help with recommendations for ethical companies, your friends or family or social media, I have had lots of good recommendations on Twitter for ethical products.

Is there anything else you would like to tell me?

I would like to give a tip to people that are thinking about setting up their own ethical business, that with no formal design or business training I was able to do it in part because I was passionate about it, so always believe in yourself and stay passionate!
Photos have been published with permission from What Daisy Did

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