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May 15, 2017

A mini capsule wardrobe filled with workwearAs you know I’ve just started a new job in higher education. After around 9 months of freelancing from home, this meant dressing for work again. As I had already finalised my spring capsule wardrobe when I was offered the job, I decided to create a separate workwear edit to sit alongside my capsule wardrobe. Of course, there is some cross over but these are the pieces I wear to work on a day to day basis. This workwear edit is made up of pieces I had in storage and a few new pieces I’ve picked up recently.

When planning this workwear edit I adopted the method of matching the number of bottoms to the number of tops. I was always one of those people who felt you needed more tops than bottoms. But this method completely changes that. You can create twice as many outfits using this method. It also makes picking out pieces so much easier. Once I knew I needed as many tops as I had bottoms I decide to go for a 3×3 edit. This means I have 3 tops, 3 bottoms, 3 dresses and 3 pairs of shoes. I love how simple this is and that I can create so many outfits from just 12 items. This being Scotland I threw a coat into the mix and I’m also planning on adding a cardigan once I find the perfect one.

The Workwear Capsule Wardrobe

A mini capsule wardrobe for workwearSo what did I include in my workwear edit?

Tops x 3

Black Boxy T-shirt  – Mango (old, similar)

Spot Print Blouse – Zara (old, similar)

Printed Shirt – Hush (exact)

Bottoms x 3

Printed Trousers – Oasis (old, similar)

Pleated Skirt – Zara (old, similar)

Black Trousers – Boden (exact)

Dresses x 3

Green Printed Dress – People Tree (exact)

Black Printed Dress – Warehouse (old, similar)

Red Printed Dress – Huse (exact)

Shoes x 3

Black Pointed Flats – Boden (exact)

Red Block Heels – Boden (exact)

Black Cut Out Flats – Topshop (old, similar)

Jacket x 1

Swing Trench Coat – Everlane (exact)

Outfit Ideas

Outfit ideas from the mini workwear capsule wardrobe


4 responses to “The Workwear Edit”

  1. Rach says:

    Love this edit, especially the boden shoes.

    I’m new to this whole ethical fashion thing and really struggling with where to find info on brands and retailers. I have looked at and ethical trading initiative and they seem to say contradictory things. Some brands I can’t find any info about – HUSh for example which is a shame as I love their clothes much more than some of the less mainstream ethical brands. What resources do you use to decide whether to purchase from a brand or not?

    • Jen says:

      I use a few ethical directories but as you say they can be a bit contradictory. I always make sure I read the brands ethical policy before any purchase or I will email the brand to ask – most are happy to talk. I don’t expect the brands I buy from to be 100% perfect but I want to know they are trying to do things right. I also base a lot of my decisions on the quality of the pieces and how often I plan to wear them. Personally, I feel if I’m going to get the use out of something and make it last then I’m OK buying from a more mainstream brand. Another thing to watch out for is how often they get new stock. I always avoid stores which get new stock in weekly, I look for a more seasonal approach to stock turn over.

    • Ally Hird says:

      I contacted Hush directly about their policies and they are pretty good although not strictly ‘ethical’ in the strictest sense. They did say they were going to make more of it on their website – am guessing they haven’t yet, but I’m sure they’d appreciate you asking the question, and the more of us ask it, the more likely the info is to be made available I guess!

  2. Ally Hird says:

    Love your selection! I’m really struggling with finding truly corporate suitable ethical wear, more ;suited and booted’ than your things. Thought I’d struck a source with The Fold as their stuff is UK made, from european fabrics etc (although not specifically ‘ethical’) but none of it fits me (seems to be made for midgets..) For the moment I’m managing with things I already have (which I’ve kept from my last corporate job 2 years ago), supplemented with the odd thing from Jigsaw, which, while not specifically ethical, definitely have better policies and standards than most.
    Will let you know if I unearth any gems…

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