Why I’m Switching to Green Beauty (and why I think you should too)

April 6, 2018

Why switch to green beauty, natural beauty, organic beauty

In the past like many people I didn’t really think about the purchases I made. I spent my 20s shopping for fast fashion and buying cheap cosmetics without giving any thought to where my purchases came from and what they were made of. Even as I approached my 30s and started wanting better quality my shift was towards higher end brands rather than better products. Especially when it came to makeup and skincare. Last year I made the decision to only purchase beauty products from cruelty-free brands. Which forced me to research the brands I purchased from. It feels like a natural transition to not only care about the brands making my beauty products but also what’s in those products too. As I learned more about the cosmetics industry I also learnt more about what was actually going into my products. And it isn’t nice!

Most of our everyday beauty products are full of nasty synthetic chemicals which are doing more harm than good. From potentially cancer-causing parabens to known skin irritants like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate to endocrine disrupters messing with our hormones. (If you want to know more about the chemicals in your skincare and what to avoid this post from Content Wellbeing is a great start) Our skin is our biggest organ and absorbs around 60% of everything we put on it. Which means these nasty chemicals are ending up in our bloodstream. I don’t know about you but I’d rather not risk it. Especially when there is a much safer alternative out there.

I care about what I eat and put in my body, avoiding processed food and eating as clean as possible. So it makes complete sense to think about what I’m putting on my body too. To a certain extent, I already do this with the clothes I wear. I want to wear natural and organic fabrics and I care about the people who make my clothes. So why not with the beauty products I use too. To me, choosing natural and organic skincare is about a holistic approach to not only my health but creating a more sustainable lifestyle.

Organic ingredients are better for the planet, the people who grow then and your skin

Like with our food and cotton organic makes sense when it comes to skincare as well. Organic farming is a more sustainable way of managing the land without GMOs, less (or no) pesticides, no herbicides or artificial fertilisers. It’s healthier for the farmers, their families and those living close by.

If you’ve read this post and are now thinking yes organic and natural beauty makes so much sense but where do I start, I’m right there with you. I’ve decided to re-launch the beauty section of this site so that I can explore green beauty with you. I’ll be sharing the new products I’ve discovered, how I’m ‘greening’ up my makeup bag and where to shop for green beauty products. Look out for new beauty posts soon. In the meantime please leave your tips for transitioning to green beauty below.

4 responses to “Why I’m Switching to Green Beauty (and why I think you should too)”

  1. Gemma says:

    I totally agree with the importance of green beauty. My only frustration is that so many green beauty products are packaged in a tonne of plastic, quite often which isn’t recyclable or has to be taken to a specialist centre for recycling.

  2. Gretel White says:

    I have it easy on this one! I had some makeup from when I was in my 20s, but really only wore it to play the game at job interviews. (I have always felt that makeup isn’t me being me, it is me pretending to be someone else, so was never comfortable with it.) Now I have ditched it altogether. Take me as I am, the real me! I have never used any products like moisturiser or anything, so, as I said, I have it easy. I do buy environmentally friendly hair and shower products, and bulk buy and refill bottles to save packaging.

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