Transitioning to Cruelty-Free Beauty

August 2, 2017

Guide to Transitioning to cruelty-free beauty

It’s been a while since I’ve spoken about beauty on here. To be honest there isn’t any real reason other than I’ve been more focused on fashion and slow living. I first spoke about wanting to transition to cruelty-free beauty a last year. So I thought it was time to check in with how I’m getting on and share some tips I’ve picked up.

With skincare, things moved quickly and I was able to start adding more cruelty-free brands into my routine. Now pretty much all my routine is cruelty-free which is great. However transitioning my make up has taken much longer. It just lasts so long. But I’m on the right rack discovering great new cruelty-free brands to replace these products with/

With the recent news that NARS will no longer be cruelty-free, I had to have another look at my make up collection. I love NARS and to be honest I’m upset by their decision to move into China. Most of my everyday makeup is NARS which now means I have to find replacements for a lot of products. Guess this just shows how frustrating trying to shop more ethically can be at times. You think you’ve found the perfect brand and then suddenly they change one policy and you can’t shop there anymore. But despite the slight set back with NARS I have made good progress transitioning my makeup bag and finding cruelty free brands.

My Guide To Transitioning to Cruelty-Free Beauty

Transitioning isn’t always as easy as using up what you have and then buying a cruelty-free version. Without some planning and research, there is a good chance you’ll  run out of something and needed to replace quickly which means picking something up in the supermarket. And trust me when I say supermarkets rarely have cruelty-free options. But with some strategic thinking and long term planning, you can stop this panic buying and smoothly transition to a cruelty-free makeup bag.

Cruelty-free beauty brand DECEIM


By taking the capsule wardrobe approach of decluttering first to your makeup bag you’ll not only reduce the amount of makeup you own but have a clearer idea of the makeup you use and love. You need ruthless with my makeup decluttering and get rid of things you’re not using and stop keeping products because they cost a lot. There is no point in keeping that overpriced MAC quad if you never use it.

Assess What You Have

Once everything is decluttered and you have created a collection of essential products. It’s a good time to assess the brands you own. Research these brands by reading their animal testing policies and find out if they sell in China or not. From this research, you’ll then have a clearer understanding of what you will need to find alternatives or dupes for.

Research Alternative or Dupes

Once you know which brands you use aren’t cruelty-free now is the time to research alternatives or dupes for them. This needs to be done ahead of them running out so you’re not tempted to just replace them. Once you have decided what products you want to buy in the future make a list and keep it close by for when the time comes to shop.

Shop Without The Guilt

Having done your research into brands and products you will be able to buy new makeup and beauty products without the guilt.

Avoiding Overwhelm

If transitioning every beauty product you own to cruelty-free seems a bit overwhelming try breaking it into categories. Maybe start with your lipstick collection and slowly replace all your lipsticks with cruelty-free brands. Or maybe focus on skin care before moving on to makeup. You don’t want to try to change everything at once and find yourself overwhelmed by it all. Trying to do everything at once often ends in giving up so don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

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  1. Kim says:

    Hi Jen. I didn’t realize NARS was no longer cruelty free! I’m addicted to Gaiety Blush as it really suits my super fair skin. I’ve been looking for a dupe for quite some time but have so far been unsuccessful. Will you be writing about which makeup brands you are using now?

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