Footwear for Summer Adventures

June 14, 2018

finding the perfect summer shoe with Po-ZuI’ve always struggled with summer footwear especially more practical options. In autumn and winter, I’m in boots pretty much every day but once the warmer weather hits boots are no longer the sensible choice. Hot, sweaty feet are never a good look. For work, in the summer I switch from boots to ballet flats and sandals which are perfect when you’re sat at a desk all day. But what about those days when you’re on your feet all day? Or when you’re out exploring the countryside with the dog by your side. These days require something a little more practical and a lot more comfortable. Unfortunately, in my experience practical and comfortable shoes are never that stylish. I want my shoes to look good too. But I think I’ve found the perfect solution in the form of Po-Zu’s new sneaker range.

Po-Zu butterfly hi-top sneakers

I’ve been testing Po-Zu’s new butterfly hi-top sneakers* and can confirm they are the perfect shoe for summer adventures. I was a little nervous about them being hi-tops as I’ve never owned a pair of hi-tops before. I’ve always thought hi-tops were a little too casual for my style. But as you can see in the pictures they work well with a summer dress. And the higher cut makes them super practical for traipsing around fields with the dog. Basically, they are the perfect summer option for boot lovers like myself. Lightweight, comfortable, keeps your foot safe from those rogue sticks attacking your feet and looks great. But that isn’t the only reason to choose Po-Zu this summer.

Sneakers for summer adventures

Why Po-ZU?

Po-Zu have been on my radar for a while now. They are an award-winning footwear brand which combines supreme comfort with outstanding ethics and sustainable materials. Po-Zu really is an ethical brand you can trust. They are certified by the Ethical Company Organization as a company which upholds human rights, animal welfare and the environment. They have also been awarded the Positive Luxury Butterfly Mark for their commitment to using renewable sources of energy, protecting the environment and its biodiversity, manufacturing locally and recycling. All this means you know when you purchase from Po-Zu you’re not only getting great shoes but you are supporting a truly sustainable and ethical brand. Win-Win!

Butterfly high top sneakers from Po-Zu

Po-Zu uses the highest quality materials in their shoes. These sneakers are made from organically grown cotton canvas. Which means no pesticides or harmful chemicals were used in producing the cotton. This is good news for the environment, the people working the fields and producing the cotton as well as us the consumers. The natural rubber in the sole has been locally sources under fair trade conditions. This helps to improve the living and working conditions of people producing rubber. They also have a range of shoes made from Pinatex which is leather created from Pineapple leaves. I currently have my eye on their new Kate summer boot (obviously I’m not the only one wanting to wear boots year round)

Summer Adventures with Po-Zu ethical footwear

But the thing that really makes Po-Zu stand out is just how comfortable their shoes are. I was lucky enough to be able to wear a pair of their cork sneakers during the ethical blogger photo shoot back in November. They were so comfortable I walked around London for the whole day without any pain what so ever. In fact, I came home and ordered myself a pair the next day because this is so rare for me. I’m always telling people how comfortable my Po-Zu’s are. This is down to their unique foot mattress made with coconut fibre (60% coconut husk and 40% natural rubber) which moulds to the shape of your foot whilst allowing air to circulate. In other words, they look good and you can walk in them all day without any pain. What more do you want?


*This post is in collaboration with Po-Zu who kindly gifted the butterfly hi-tops featured in this post. As usual, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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