Slow Summer Days – How Slow Living Looks in Reality

July 25, 2018

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Summer and long slow days seem to go hand in hand. Remember those seemingly endless summers of childhood where days were filled with fun and laughter. We seem to forget how to slow down and enjoy the season as we get older. Work, chores and family commitments get in the way of us embracing slow living and making the most out of the season. This summer I want to make the most out of the lazy season and truly embrace slow living.

Ethical summer dress from Celtic & Co

Ignoring the To-Do List

This year I’ve been purposely trying to slow down and truly embrace slow living. I’m incredibly fortunate that I work in Further Education which means I get the summer off work. So that’s one thing off the list of demands. But it’s so easy to switch focus to another list of jobs which need to be done. Whether that’s jobs around the house or focusing on this blog full time over the summer. Normally if I’m off work I mentally have a list of things I want to achieve. But this year I’ve put them aside, painting the skirting boards can wait. I want to slow down and probably relax during my time off. So that means forgetting about the to-do list for a couple of weeks. Obviously, those chores that can’t wait are getting down but anything that is only being added to the list because I’m off is being ignored. This simple step of not having a to-do list is surprisingly freeing. At the start of the day instead of the list of jobs to do, I have a free day ahead of me.

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Lazy Afternoons

I’ve been giving myself afternoons off every day.  Whether I choose to make the most of the sunshine by reading a book in the garden or chill out inside binge-watching Netflix is entirely up to me. Those little jobs that have to be done (quick tidy ups, grocery shopping etc) get done in the morning before relaxing in the afternoon. This is the closest I’ve gotten to that vacation lifestyle at home. Obviously, I know taking every afternoon to do whatever you want isn’t always realistic but even just once a week will allow you to relax and make the most of the season.

Celtic & Co Dress

Getting Outside

Even in the depths of winter, I try to get outside at least once a day. The dog helps make sure of it. The difference in the summer is getting outside becomes much more attractive. Here in Scotland, we’ve been so blessed with the weather this year that getting outside every day has been a real pleasure. Feeling the sun on my skin and the grass between my toes makes me so happy. Whether I’m out in the garden or taking the dog to play on the beach getting outside is a big part of slow summer living.

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Eating Well

I’m not just talking about eating healthy foods, although summer does make me crave fresh fruit and salads. But eating well is also about slowing down and enjoying your food. This could be a BBQ with friends and family which lasts for hours. Or my favourite a croissant and coffee outside in the garden before you start your day. Summer is the perfect time to slow down and enjoy your food. Let’s not forget about that cool glass of wine out in the garden with a good book. It’s these little moments of eating and drinking which make summer so special.

What steps are your taking to slow day and embrace the summer this year?

[left]Celtic and Co Dress[/left] [right]Slow living in the Summer[/right]

My Outfit

*Dress – Celtic & Co (it’s on sale right now) ethically made from organic cotton

Sandals – Iris Sandals ethically made in the UK

(sorry can’t remember where the hat is from, had it for years)


*the dress featured in this post was kindly gifted to me by Celtic & Co.


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  1. I love your commitment to a slow living summer! It can be so hard to find the time, even when the weather is very appealing. We just moved into a new house with a backyard and I’ve made it my missions to spend at least a half hour out there every night after work. Sitting and listening to the birds is such a nice treat!

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