Reforming the Shopaholic: The Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

October 19, 2015

I spoke about wanting to change the direction of this blog as well as the way I shop in my last post (read the post here). I figured the best place to start would be my own wardrobe. I’ve a long history with fast fashion and shopping going back to when I was a teenager and spend my Saturday’s in Topshop picking the perfect outfit for going out that night. Then I moved away to uni and discovered Primark (there wasn’t one in Edinburgh at the time), it didn’t help that I only lived a short walk from the shops. I used to pop into town if I had a couple of hours free. My tidy wardrobe in halls resembled Rebecca Bloomwood’s from Confessions of a Shopaholic. Remember the scene when everything she had stuffed in falls out on her – yeah that was me every morning! Then I discovered online shopping and let’s just say my wardrobe was never big enough. Things have gotten much better over the last few years (having a mortgage to pay really limits your spending ability). I’d say I’m pretty good at clearing out my wardrobe so it never gets too much, but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped shopping. I reckon I but at least 2 new things ever month.

As I said in my last post I want to make some changes to the way I buy my clothes and reduce the amount I own. I’ve been doing a bit of research and have decided to challenge myself to live with a capsule wardrobe over the next few months. I’ve always been interested in capsule wardrobes, those Pinterest images of all the outfits you can create with like 10 items are so inspiring. But I’ve always thought it would work for me, like how do you live with only 30 items of clothing. I also wasn’t convinced about storing clothes away and refusing the wear them – what’s the point in having that pretty dress if you can’t wear it?

Anyway, I’ve been reading a few blogs on the topic and have been convinced that I can make it work. A capsule wardrobe is basically a small wardrobe made up of items which all go together. The theory is that having less makes getting ready in the morning much easier. I’ve sure you’ve all had days when you just stare at all the clothes in your wardrobe and think you have nothing to wear. I’ve decided the follow Caroline from Unfancy‘s method which is choosing 37 items for 3 months at a time. You then store the rest of your clothes away taking them out at the start of the next season. The 37 items include shoes and jackets/coats but not your accessories. You also don’t count your workout gear, underwear and PJ’s or cocktail dresses. This seemed like the less restrictive of the options out there. Project 333 is really common but you are only allowed 33 items and this includes accessories.

At the weekend I had a massive wardrobe purge and picked the items for my capsule wardrobe. All the clothes I chose to keep but that aren’t part of the capsule are being stored in the wardrobe in the spare bedroom. Since it’s my first time working with such as small wardrobe I imagine there will be a couple of times I will cave and want something else. The purpose of the capsule wardrobe challenge is to help me to change the way I view my wardrobe and my spending habits. Hopefully having a smaller wardrobe and only shopping at the start of a season will help me to cut back on the amount of clothing I buy. This will hopefully be the starting point of embracing slow fashion rather than spending so much on fast fashion items. It will also be nice to have a little bit of extra money at the end of every month.

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