Preparing My Spring Capsule Wardrobe

March 10, 2017

How to prepare for your spring capsule wardrobeI’ve woken up to beautiful sunshine all week which has me thinking of spring. The first few signs of spring are starting to appear however the temperature still isn’t spring-like. So, whilst I impatiently wait for the temperature to rise I preparing for my spring capsule wardrobe. This way I can start thinking about spring and will be ready for when it finally arrives.

Last year I made the mistake of switching from winter to spring without really considering the changeable nature of the Scottish weather. Scottish spring can mean gorgeous warm sunny days and freezing cold days the next. There is still a chance of snow well into April and of course the endless rainy days. My spring wardrobe needs to be able to cope with all of this. Which isn’t an easy task for any wardrobe let alone a capsule wardrobe.

To help me cope with the ever-changing weather last spring I introduced a more fluid approach to my capsule wardrobe. This involved keeping a few cold weather appropriate pieces out of storage which I could wear if needed. I plan on doing the same thing again this year. Keeping a couple of cosy knits close by just in case.

How I prepare my spring capsule wardrobeHere are a few of the ways I’m currently preparing for my spring capsule wardrobe which I will switch over to at the end of the month.

Assessing What I Already Have

I’ve pulled all my spring/summer pieces out of storage. I’ve had a good sort through everything I had stored to see if I want to get rid of anything. Before I switch my wardrobe over I want to have a proper clear out being really ruthless with the pieces I’m not wearing. This will give me a good overview of everything I own and help me to identify any gaps I have in my wardrobe.


Yes, this is a boring step but I find it so helpful to give everything a good clean when it comes out of storage. Luckily nothing has picked up any stale smells (or moths) over winter but it’s nice to have fresh clean clothes in your new capsule wardrobe.

How to prepare for your spring capsule wardrobePicking Out My Fluid Pieces

I’m thinking about 5/6 pieces from my winter wardrobe which I will keep out of storage right now. I know I will put away my heavy knits but I want to have some lighter knitwear and layering options just in case. These can then be put away with the rest of the winter clothes when the summer arrives.

Making a Wish List

I mentioned in my coffee catch up post that I think I will need to make a few purchases this season. Most of my summer clothes were brought before I started capsuling and really focusing on quality. And unfortunately, they are starting to show wear. I want to take my time with any purchases to ensure I make conscious decisions and spend my budget wisely. Whilst creating my wish list I will be considering my lifestyle, summer plans and how I want my style to develop. I’m not going to pressure myself to have a perfect wardrobe by April 1st but instead, will along myself to make a few purchases throughout the season. I’m at the stage where I trust myself to shop again and know I won’t fall back to my old shopaholic habits.

Guide to preparing your Spring capsule wardrobe

11 responses to “Preparing My Spring Capsule Wardrobe”

  1. Amy says:

    I need to look into some pieces for spring as I really struggled the other day when we had that good day. The only jacket I had to wear was my leather jacket but the material isn’t suitable for warmer weather! I really need to look at my clothes this year instead of just wearing the same things all year round no matter how unsuitable they are!

    • Jen says:

      This is one of the reasons I separate my clothes by season as then I’m not tempted to wear unsuitable clothes. Lightweight jackets are hard to find and like you I wear my leather jacket all the time in spring.

  2. Andrea says:

    I really need to go back to capsules. One of the biggest problems I have is that because of the set-up of where we currently live, my clothes are spread out over two floors of the house (yay for London city living!) I keep telling myself, in 3 months we’ll be back in our house in Seattle and then I will have my closet again where everything is hanging and visible all at once and it’ll be so much easier. But maybe that’s just an excuse??
    I did just buy two winter pieces last week that I’ve been searching for forever – a spice colored, bat wing arm, squared turtleneck sweater, and a warm tan/brown/rust colored coatigan. Both are really two heavy for spring temps (which are occasionally hitting 15 degrees!) but I still want to wear them.
    I’m reading the same book right now, and trying to figure out my overall style. My biggest conflict is I love the look and feel of a dress, but it’s so impractical for my at-home, mom lifestyle. I’d love to hear your takeaway from the book when you finish it!

    • Danish Pastry says:

      I know what you mean about dresses, I change into a uniform when I get to work, so I never wear dresses during the week. (I’m too lazy to be bothered with taking tights on and off in the winter, and I wear socks at work year round). This means I tend to keep to my habit of wearing trousers at the weekend too, especially if there is dog walking involved.
      I own five dresses, 3 are solid colours that can be dressed up and down, and two are occaision dresses. Any new purchase will have to work extremely hard and be super versitile!

      • rachel says:

        So what’s on your shopping list for spring…I keep editing down then getting inspired again!!

        So far I plant o make 3 items and have 1 pair of shoes and a 2 more on my shopping list but 1 is possibly a feel I ought to rather item rather than a really love and want!

      • Jen says:

        I get you mean for some reason a dress and tights feels like more effort than jeans and a top. And as you say jeans/trousers are more practical for dog walking, doing chores etc

    • Jen says:

      Planning a post on the blog which will be up soon.

  3. Caroline says:

    Although I don’t capsule wardrobe as such, I have become more mindful of purchases I’m making, in a more long-term sense.
    I also got out my spring/summer stored bits a couple of weeks ago and have got rid of a few pieces and put some to one side to wash.
    Look forward to seeing what you pick up.

    On a separate note – this book is next on my read list!


  4. I think spring is one of the hardest season if it comes to the capsule wardrobe principles. Here in the Netherlands we have the same kind of problem which results in tank tops and knitted sweaters in my wardrobe haha

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