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September 1, 2016

Hi, I’m Charlie and I’m taking over mummy’s blog today to tell you how wonderful I am. Mummy doesn’t normally have guest bloggers on her site, but she loves me so made an exception for me. Let me tell you a little about myself, I’m a collie cross mummy thinks I’m part labrador but no one knows for sure (I certain have the appetite of a labrador) and I’m 8 years old. I’ve lived with mummy since I was only 8 weeks old, she says I was a very cute puppy.


I’m also a really smart dog. I know the names of all my toys and can get anyone you ask for. My favourite toy is my stuffed reindeer, followed by hoops (although I broke granny’s ankle by putting my hoops around it and pulling really hard – sorry granny) I like to leave my toys lying all over the house, mummy is always saying it’s like living with a toddler and putting them back in my toy box. I like to wait until she’s put them all away and then I pull them back out, it’s great fun.

Mummy was recently approached by the RSPCA to take part in their #RSPCAPetPeeves campaign. Because pets are an important part of the family (I think we’re the most important part) the RSPCA wants to know all about us – and about time too, cause I’m great! They also want everyone to know that there is no NHS for pets and we need to extra protection in case we get hurt so should be protected with great insurance. Luckily I’ve never needed any treatment but I know that mummy has me insured to help pay if I ever do (because mummy loves me), she says it’s not too expensive either.


I do so much to help mummy around the house because I love her soooooo much! I wanted to tell you just how great it is having a dog like me around. I have 3 main jobs in the house, I do these jobs every day and get paid with a bowl of dinner (dinner is the best thing ever)


I’m head of security at home. Daddy works away from home so me and mummy spend a lot of time in the house together. I make sure she’s safe by barking at every single noise I hear. Even if someone shuts their car door 4 houses down I make sure I bark really loud, just to let them know not to come here. It doesn’t matter if it’s 3am it’s my job as head of security to bark at all noises. I’m also responsible for keeping the postman away, he’s a crafty one our postman coming back every day even though I barked at him the day before. Mummy says he’s welcome but I don’t like that red bag of his and why is he putting things through the door. The postman must be stopped!


As well as keeping mummy safe, I make sure she gets plenty of exercise. I make her take me out on long walks every day – even in the snow and rain. I’m trying to teach her how to play fetch, but she’s just not as good as daddy. He can throw the ball really far and I get to run super fast to catch it, but mummy does rubbish throws so I run ahead of the ball to encourage her to throw further. Hopefully one day she will work out that I want the ball thrown further away.
One of my favourite things to do when mummy takes me out on walks is climb trees. Mummy says it’s weird for a dog to climb trees, but I love it. I have a couple of favourite trees which I climb up every time we pass them, it’s fun being high up. People always talk to me when I’m climbing trees, and I love it when people talk to me. Although I don’t like other dogs talking to me, don’t they know I’m the best dog.


I know that mummy loves to hover (she does it nearly every day) so I moult lots and lots of black hair on the cream carpets so she knows where to hover. She moans about this a lot which is weird because I think it’s super helpful. I also like to help put the bins out, if there is ever any food wrappers in the bin I pull them out and lick them clean because you shouldn’t put any tasty things in the bin. I have also made the house smell great, the whole place stinks of dog. Mummy tries to cover it up but my smell is stronger than any candle
I hope you’ve all enjoyed learning a little more about me and all the hard work I do around the house. If you want to see more pictures of me (of course you do, I’m gorgeous) then you should follow me on Instagram I’m Charlie The Climbing Dog. Blogging is hard work, I’m off for a nap.

*Charlie has been blogging in collaboration with the RSPCA, all of his crazy thoughts and stories are his own

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