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November 25, 2015

If you follow me on Instagram (if not you can follow me here) you’ll know I had my hair done at the weekend. It was a rather spur of the moment thing following a chat with a stylist at an event on Friday night. I was at the Of One Mind Networking event with a few Edinburgh Bloggers on Friday in Ishi salon on Hanover Street (you can read my review of the event on the Edinburgh Bloggers site). If you’re based in Edinburgh I highly recommend attending the Of One Mind Networking events as they are always a good night with good company and cocktails. The salon staff were at the event doing hair demos and sharing tips and advice. I was having that do I cut it or grow it kinda crisis so took full advantage and asked a stylist what I should do. She suggested switching out the colour rather than changing the cut too much. Before I could talk myself out of it, I made an appointment for the following day. I don’t know about you but I know if I leave this kind of things I’ll never get round to it. So the next day I was back on the bus heading into the salon. Unfortunately, the bar from the night before was gone, seriously someone needs to introduce bars to salons. Imagine have a cocktail while you get your hair done.

As I recently moved back to the city, I’m still searching for a salon. I’ve been to a few over the last year but haven’t returned to any of them. I tend to visit city centre salons but often find them to be a little stuffy and not that enjoyable an experience. I remember the hairdressers my mum used to take me and my sister to (in fact she still goes), it was always such a lively place with everyone chatting. Unlike these fancy salons which tend to either be dead quiet or have ridiculously loud music. And then you have the forced small talk! (let’s not talk about that). Anyway before this post turns into me moaning about hair salons lets talk about Ishi. I wasn’t planning on posting about the salon so didn’t take my camera along with me so there’re no pictures, but I’m pretty sure you all know what hair salons look like. So back to the story, I was telling you about the salon my mum goes to, this place felt much more like that than a city centre salon. There was such a relaxed atmosphere and the staff made sure everyone felt welcome and involved in the conversations. This is what going to the hairdressers should be like, you should feel relaxed and enjoy a good chat not awkward forced small talk. The best part was it ended up being a lot cheaper than I thought. Having made the appointment without thinking, I didn’t check the prices and was expecting it to be pretty pricey so was pleasantly surprised at the till. If you’re looking for a new salon in Edinburgh, I recommend checking on Ishi on Hanover Street.


Moving onto the important things in life: my hair! As I said earlier I was happy to let the stylist have free reign (as long as she didn’t cut it too short) and do what she pleased. We went for a subtle ombre and just a little bit off the length and a wee bit more shape. You may not know this, but I don’t dye my hair, never really have. I remember getting red streaks in when I was younger but the upkeep was too much so I just grew them out. I’m not someone who can be bothered to go to the salon regularly to get my roots touched up. Luckily I don’t have any greys yet (touch wood) so have just left it my natural colour. I think have dark brunette hairs helps as its a nice colour anyway. I agreed to the ombre on the assurance that it requires very little upkeep. I’ll admit it was a bit shocking seeing such light hair when it was being cut but I do really like the effect. As for the cut, I just had around an inch taken off the length, with a few layers added to create some texture and movement. I’ve worn straight and wavy since having it done and it looks great both ways. The best part is it doesn’t require much styling. I prefer having the extra time in bed in the mornings so any way to save time, I’m there.








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  1. Love your ombre hair! I decided to take the plunge and made an appointment with Ishi next week too! I've already got ombre in my hair, but getting it chopped and getting the ombre re-done. Good to know that they do an amazing job with it!

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