Introducing One Memoir

June 28, 2016
One Memoir
I’ve been working with One Memoir behind the scenes to help them launch their amazing new upcycled fashion brand here in Edinburgh. I’m sure I will be talking about One Memoir a lot in the coming weeks so be prepared. But today I wanted to share some background on the brand and why I decided to support them.
As you already know I’m trying to create a more sustainable and ethical wardrobe by giving up fast fashion and having a more minimal wardrobe. Personally, I have a few reasons for wanting to do this, but for me, the most important thing is to ensure the people who make my clothes are treated fairly and paid a living wage. After watching The True Cost last year I was shocked at how garment workers are treated and how low their wages are and knew I had to make changes to the way I shopped. I was also shocked to learn that the fashion and textiles industry is the second highest polluting in the world (second only to oil and gas) which again is something I know consider when buying my clothes, opting for organic cotton whenever I can.

So where does One Memoir fit into the process of change?

When One Memoir got in touch with me a couple of months ago to see if we could collaborate, it only took one look at their website to know that we were on the same wavelength when it comes to sustainable fashion. Sustainable and slow fashion isn’t about giving up your love for clothes, it’s just about changing the way you approach design. As a blogger I’m contacted by a lot of great brands and love being able to introduce them to you, so when a company with such a fantastic business model comes along I’m more than happy to support them. With a slogan of ‘where opportunity meets creativity’ One Memoir doesn’t just create beautiful jackets, they work closely with emerging designers providing them with opportunities and in the process educates them on sustainable fashion. Which for consumers means that you can buy a one off pieces from a talented designer know that it is created in the most sustainable way possible. It’s fashion without the guilt.

About One Memoir

One of the things I’ve loved about finding smaller sustainable and ethical fashion brands is that every brand has a unique story to tell and their own approach to sustainability. One Memoir started a little over a year right here in Edinburgh by Shelly and Justus. One Memoir works directly with emerging designers in Trinidad and Tobago to upcycle jackets. They take unwanted jackets which would have otherwise been heading for the bin and transform them into unique one of a kind pieces. They want you the consumer to feel part of the journey of your jacket and are as transparent as possible about the design process. For One Memoir the brand is about more than just selling jackets they wanted to support emerging designers from all over the world. In many developing countries people have to give up their dreams of working in fashion as there just isn’t the opportunities we have here. Shelly and Justus wanted to use the brand to provide these opportunites, and educate designers on sustainable fashion. This brand is about opportunity meeting creativity and embracing younger designers talent, creativity and enthusiasm to create something beautiful from something unwanted.
When you buy a jacket from One Memoir you get more than a beautiful new jacket, you’re also buying the story of the unwanted jacket being transformed by an emerging designer creating something desirable once again. You are helping to support designers from across the world to pursue their dreams.
Image Credits:
Photography: @duanelovethislife
Model: @sa_gajadhar
Jacket: @OneMemoir x @Nwannia

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  1. One Memoir says:

    Thank you for supporting us Jen! We admire your sustainable efforts to change your own purchasing behavior and inspire others to do so. We look forward to greeting you and your readers to our launch on August 13th, 2016!

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