Inside My Wardrobe: Rainbow Club Shoes

February 10, 2016

My special occasion wardrobe (more details coming soon – watch this space) has been lacking a pair of go with everything shoes for a while now, so when Rainbow Club got in touch asking if I’d like to try a pair of their shoes I jumped at the chance. Rainbow Club is a British brand specialising in designing, making and dying handmade satin wedding and occasion shoes. They have a great range of bridal shoes, in fact, I wish I’d known about them when I got married. I found picking wedding shoes really difficult as a lot of the shoes out there are very old fashioned and none suited my style. If I was to get married again tomorrow, I would go for this pair as they would have looked great with my dress (and if you can’t wear sparkly shoes on your wedding day when can you)

Anyway, I digress, in the end, I went for the classic Vivian court shoes*, one of the features of Rainbow Club shoes which appealed to me is that they can be dyed any colour to suit you. This makes them perfect for bridesmaid shoes or those times when you have a certain colour in mind (why is it when you want an exact colour you can never find it?). I went for the Pantone shade 1810, which is a beautiful deep red/burgundy shade, perfect for my winter 2016 capsule wardrobe. Another feature of Rainbow Club shoes I love is the detachable shoe clips they sell. I don’t think I’ve seen these sold anywhere else before. They are a great idea and can completely transform the look of your shoes, great if you have a budget and fancy a change. These sparkly clips look amazing on the Rainbow Club shoes, and really elevate the look of an outfit, making it something special. I also think they’ll look really cute with a pair of ballet flats in the spring.

Rainbow Club has asked me how I would style my new shoes. At first, I thought I would team them with a little black dress for a special occasion outfit, but then I decided that would be way too predictable (and a little boring).
I love the look of a really casual outfit teamed with smarter accessories, this is a style you see a lot of on Pinterest and who doesn’t want a Pinterest-worthy outfit. So for my outfit I’ve teamed the shoes with a look out of my capsule wardrobe, which I would normally just wear with ankle boots. I think the shoes really make this outfit, taking it from boring jeans and a jumper and turning it into something stylish. I love the contrast between the super casual outfit and the smarter accessories, which makes the shoes really stand out in a way they wouldn’t if teamed with a pretty dress.




To add some interest and detail to the top half, I wore a striped shirt underneath the jumper and pushed the sleeves up to reveal the shirt cuffs. I find this jumper very oversized so always wear it with the sleeve pushed up to try to balance out the loose shape. Teaming oversized jumpers with heels always helps to balance out the look as well. You want to avoid things being too loose and baggy and still show some of your shapes, or you can end up looking larger than you are.


My Outfit
Jeans – Oasis (exact)
Shirt (underneath) – Zara (similar)
Jumper – Topshop (similar)
Clutch – Whistles (similar)
Shoes – Rainbow Club (exact)

6 responses to “Inside My Wardrobe: Rainbow Club Shoes”

  1. Louise Brown says:

    ooh love this look Jen! I got the same shape and clips! Aren't we a pair. I've gone for some in silver but these are gorgeous in red! x

  2. adore your style! So much alike mine! Jumper and shirts are the best! great shoes!

  3. I love the idea of the shoe clips, they change the whole look of the shoes, although they are stunning without too.

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