Finding Motivation To Get Dressed When You Work From Home

November 11, 2016

ways to motivate yourself to get dressed everyday when you work from home

Burgundy Leather skirt outfit of the dayI’ve been working from home since July so understand the temptation to stay in your pyjamas or lounge wear all day instead of getting dressed. When you go out to work you are expected to dress professionally every day (depending on your job) but when you work from home there is no dress code. This can be both a blessing and a curse. The temptation to lounge around in your PJs all day is all too real. But it’s not a lifestyle I want. I’ve been really careful to avoid the trap of sitting in front of the telly all day without doing anything productive. I’m fortunate that I’ve never really suffered from bad mental health but feel that not having a purpose and being alone all day could be a trigger. Obviously, that is something I want to avoid and have been able to successfully avoid awful daytime TV.

But that doesn’t mean I’ve been able to avoid the pyjamas all day trap. I know myself I’m way more productive on the days I dress in real clothes (as opposed to lounge wear) but that doesn’t stop me wanting to stay in my pyjamas all morning.  One of the major perks of being based at home is that you have the flexibility to work whenever you want so for some people this might mean getting started before getting dressed. I find if I sit down to work while still in my PJs I’m unlikely to change out of them until lunchtime and then it doesn’t seem worth it to get dressed so I just put on lounge wear.  Obviously if being dressed makes me more productive, I need to start motivating myself to get dressed every morning. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve tweaked my routine a little to try and motivate myself to get dressed before starting work every day. I enjoy being able to have a more relaxed morning than I did when I worked in an office. Back then I would get washed and dressed as soon as I got up and leave the house in a hurry without stopping for breakfast. Now I head straight down the stairs for a cuppa and read blogs and go through my social media while having my tea. After about half an hour I’ve started going back upstairs to get washed and dressed ready for the day. I find if I sit for more than 30 minutes I end up wasting so much time before getting dressed. This 30 minutes of calm really works for me and funnily enough, I’m now dressed and ready to start my day earlier than I was before. Getting out of bed is a little easier if you’re in control of your time.

Finding the motivation to get dressed when you're spending the day at homeThis tiny little tweak to my routine has made a huge difference to my productivity and I feel I have a purpose every day, even if that purpose is just getting dressed. I’m hoping I can continue this and keep motivating myself to get dressed every day, especially now the cold dark mornings are here. There is no reason why a 31-year-old woman should be in her pyjamas at 12noon on a Wednesday. Obviously, there will still be some days when I just can’t be motivated to get dressed and that’s OK. One of the perks of this lifestyle is the freedom to work when you want and wherever you want, wearing what you want so the odd PJ day is fine. I just don’t want it to become an everyday thing. And if my new routine doesn’t motivate me then the embarrassment of answering the door to the postman in your pyjamas every day certainly will.

Chunky grey knit worn with a burgundy leather skirt

Chunky knit jumper and soft leather skirt outfit of the dayThe Outfit – Style + Fit Notes

Mixing Texture: This is a subtle nod to the mixing textures trend by mixing the chunky knit of the jumper with the smooth texture of the leather skirt. I love the way leather and wool look together and this is a mix I use a lot over the winter months. It just adds a cosy feel to the outfit

Loose Proportions: I normally like to be either loose on the top or the bottom rather than having two loose fitting pieces together. However, I quite like the way the chunky knit looks with the A-line skirt. I think the shorter length of the skirt helps here as it still manages to show a little shape rather than being too much fabric.

Jeans Alternative: I always worry I wear jeans too often, they are just so easy to reach for in the morning. I’m trying to give my jeans a rest by wearing my skirts as an alternative. With a pair of thick tights they can be just as warm (even warmer if you wear fleece lined tights) and they work with pretty much every top like jeans. I always find choosing a skirt makes an outfit look so much more put together than jeans when it’s really just one different piece.

Outfit of the day featuring a cosy knit sweater and soft leather skirtStand Out Piece

I said this last time I wore it but once again the stand out piece is this Whistles leather skirt. I just adore the soft buttery leather and the beautiful burgundy colour. I don’t think the photos do this piece any justice. As an investment piece, I’m determined to get plenty of wear out of it so it has a low cost per wear. So far I’m doing pretty well and don’t think I’m going to stop wearing it anytime soon.

What to wear with your burgundy leather skirtShop The Outfit

Skirt – Whistles (exact, cheaper alternative, ethical alternative)

Jumper – ASOS (old similar, similar, similar, ethical option, ethical option)

How to do motivate yourself to get dressed in the morning when you're only going to be around the house. It can be tough to motivate yourself to dress cute when you work from home but getting dressed for the day has a massive impact on productivity. Finding the motivation to get dressed in the morning when you work from home will have a positive impact on your productivity meaning you can get more done, like a true girl boss

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