Festive Capsule Wardrobe

November 21, 2016

Festive Capsule Wardrobe - Endless outfit options from only a few pieces you already have in your wardrobeIt’s coming up to the holiday season. In fact, it¬†starts this week if you’re in the US and us Scots have St Andrews day next week and then it’s into December and the partying really begins. With so many events and parties to attend over the next few weeks, the pressure is on to create unique outfits. In the past, I would have been tempted to go out and buy several new outfits so I had plenty of options. Now I have my capsule wardrobe I can’t just pop to the shops for a new outfit. I have to work with what I selected for my autumn/winter capsule wardrobe. Also, this time of year is expensive enough without buying loads of new clothes. So it’s not just those of us with a capsule wardrobe who want lots of outfit options from what we already have in our closet.

After doing the 10 x 10 style challenge back in September I wanted to do another mini wardrobe challenge. With so much pressure to dress up and lots of different types of events and parties. The holidays seemed like an ideal opportunity for another style challenge. For this style challenge, I wanted to create a festive capsule wardrobe which I can mix and match to create loads of different outfits.

My Festive Capsule Wardrobe

I found 10 items a good number when doing the 10 x 10 style challenge so decide to stick with that amount. This time I include 6 items of clothing, 3 pairs of shoes and a bag. I didn’t include any jewellery as I tend not to wear much (other than my wedding rings) but I think adding a statement necklace would help create more unique looks. Everything came out my autumn capsule wardrobe except the dress which is from my special occasion wardrobe.

What’s Included:

10 piece capsule wardrobe. Mix and match capsule wardrobe for the holidays. Lots of options for all your festive parties and events

The Outfits

Outfit combinations from a 10 piece capsule wardrobe. Mix and match options for your holiday wardrobe

Create a mini capsule wardrobe which you can mix and match for endless outfit options during the holiday season.


4 responses to “Festive Capsule Wardrobe”

  1. Amellia Mae says:

    Such a fab post! Capsule wardrobes are basically my New Years resolution. Thanks for the inspiration x

  2. Lovely capsule! Those boots and that blue dress are perfect for the holidays.

    xx | A

  3. Iga Berry says:

    You are rocking your festive capsule wardrobe. I have to give it another chance. I failed miserably last time but I think I adore colour too much and this is not helping. Plenty of pieces is just not working well together for me. Best Wishes, Iga http://www.igaberry.com

  4. Heidi says:

    Fab capsule pieces and put together well. I’m a polo neck fan myself and love that leather skirt, fab colour!
    H x

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