Make Your Home A Cosy Retreat This Autumn

October 28, 2019

The clocks went back this weekend which always signals that winter is on its way. I’ve been spending more time at home, choosing cosy nights in over heading out in the cold. All this extra time spent at home means I want my home to be a cosy, inviting space. I want to turn my home into my own personal cosy retreat. Where I can relax and unwind and keep warm during those winter storms.

If you’ve been thinking the same thing, it doesn’t take much to transform our homes into a cosy retreat. Here are 5 simple ways to make your home feel cosy and inviting this autumn.

Pile on the blankets and cushions.

Cosy Blankets

A blanket thrown over the back of a sofa and a couple of cushions go a long way to making your sofa feel cosy. Cushions in different colours and texture and an easy way to add colour and interest to a minimal room. And even better they make your sofa extra comfy and somewhere you want to relax after a long day. 

Blankets are different textures to the room and just make a space feel cosy. Whether you throw them over the back of the sofa or pile them up in the corner having a few blankets around over winter will make your space feel cosy. Plus they are incredibly useful when the temperature drops to keep warm. 

Add Texture

Try bringing a few different textures into your home. Place a wool blanket or sheepskin rug on your leather sofa to soften it. Add a rug to your wooden floor (or even on top of your carpet) to add warmth and texture. Look out for natural materials and use lots of wood. Natural materials help to create a feeling of warmth. Think about how things feel as well as how they look. Running your hands over a wooden table feels so much nicer than cold steel or glass one.

Scented Candles make your home smell like Christmas

Warm Glow

Autumn and Winter bring long dark nights and cold grey days. Which means you probably have lights on in the house most of the time. Instead of the big ceiling light use lamps and candles to create a cosy environment. Place a few lamps around the room to create a cosy atmosphere. Another perk of a collection of floor and table lamps is you can move them around the home to keep your rooms feeling fresh (for free).

Autumn Scents

The way our home smells plays a big part in creating that feeling of cosiness. I adore the scents associated with autumn and winter so enjoy adding these to my home this time of year. What scents you add is down to personal preference but consider things like the woody aroma of fir trees on a crisp autumn day or more festive scents like orange, cinnamon and gingerbread. Find a scent you love which helps create a relaxing cosy environment. Remember scented candles (always opt for natural wax) arent’ the only option try wax or oil diffusers, incense sticks and room sprays.

Create a Cosy Nook

Every home needs a cosy nook. Whether it’s a spot on the sofa with a pile of blankets or a window seat. The idea is to create a special spot you can relax in. It should be somewhere cosy and welcoming that no one wants to leave. This could be a cosy spot on the sofa or an armchair in the corner of the room where you can relax and unwind. 

4 responses to “Make Your Home A Cosy Retreat This Autumn”

  1. Joyce says:

    It is a helpful blog..I don’t have an idea about scent for home..can you suggest some good scents?

  2. jullie says:

    It is true – Every home needs a cosy nook…

  3. HWalker says:

    Great suggestions, I would also like to know what candles you recommend?

  4. Don Davies says:

    Thanks for this. The candles and the scents will really make the house cozy during autumn. My wife and I will definitely add these to our shopping list.

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