Coffee Morning Catch Up

March 1, 2017

Coffee morning catch upHappy first of the month everyone! Would it be a total cliche for me to say I can’t believe it’s March already? Suppose it’s too late now. Instead of the usual post, I wanted to sit down and have a catch-up today. So grab a coffee (or tea or whatever else you drink) and let’s have a coffee morning chat.


The hubby went back offshore on Monday so it’s just me and the dog right now. If I’m honest with you I absolutely love the first couple of days by myself when he leaves. When he’s home we’re both in the house all day and as much as I love having him around it can get a little too much. When he’s away I can really concentrate on my work and can spread out around the house. For example yesterday I was taking pictures in the dining room. Which I totally could do if he was here but it’s much easier to do alone. However, as much as I’m enjoying my alone time right now by week 3 I’m desperate for him to come home.

Other than the hubby going away (which is a very normal part of our routine) not much has been happening. I’m still focused on my Live Lagom changes and loving being more intentional with my food shopping and weekly meal planning. I haven’t sat down to go through the figures for February yet but even without looking I know I’m saving money. And I don’t feel like we’re missing out or the cupboards are empty. I just have what I will need that week.

As the weather (slowly) starts to improve I’m wanting to do more outdoors. I don’t know about you guys but I pretty much hibernate all winter. Who wants to go out when its freezing cold outside? I’d much rather stay indoors with a blanket and watch Netflix. I’m all about that Hygge life. But seeing the sunshine is making me think about summer nights, eating out and having drinks with friends. Can see myself easing myself out of my winter hibernation this month.

coffee morning catch up Style

Talking of finally seeing the sun again, I’m thinking about my spring capsule wardrobe already. I haven’t really changed much in my wardrobe since September so I’m itching for a change. The changing seasons always inspires me and this year is no different. So expect a lot of spring style related content this month.

I’ve had my capsule wardrobe for well over a year now and I’m starting to see some wear in my clothes. Especially the cheaper high street pieces I had before I started my capsule wardrobe. I can really tell the difference between the high-quality pieces I’ve added in recently and the stuff I already owned. This does mean that I need to purchase a little more than I would like this spring. But I do see the value in investing in good quality clothes so it will be worth it. I’ve started thinking about what needs replaced and researching different options. I’ve not settled on anything yet but will share any purchases with you.

coffee morning catch up Blogging

I finally shared my using Pinterest to grow your blog series this month. A few of you asked for more detailed advice on Pinterest after my 7 things I did to grow my blog in 2016 post. Hopefully, the 3 part series answered all your questions on using Pinterest as a blogger. If you haven’t read the series yet you can catch up below:

Other blog posts I’ve loved sharing this month are How to Handle Feelings of Guilt About Fast Fashion, Second Hand Shopping Tips, My Love/Hate Relationship with Instagram and Discovering the Art of Slow Living.

I recently decided to reduce my blog schedule from 5 posts to 3 posts a week and I’m so happy with that decision. In fact, I’m considering bringing it down to 2 posts a week. When I was trying to put out 5 posts a week I found myself rushing posts and posting for the sake of posting. Creating less content means I can spend more time ensuring that everything I share is something I’m proud of. I want everything on this blog to be useful and valuable to you guys.

With this in mind, I’ve created a short survey, which I would really appreciate you taking the time to complete. I’d love to have a better idea of the type of content you enjoy and what you want more of. You can complete the survey here and to make it even easier I’ve added it below so you don’t have to leave this page.

Thanks in advance for your input.

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2 responses to “Coffee Morning Catch Up”

  1. I didi the same thing regarding the regularity of posts. I now stick to one or two per week max and it feels much better! It’s always nice to have the house to yourself for a little while, isn’t it? I am a complete sun bunny myslef and HATE winter with a passion. Spending it hiding under a blanket is the way forward 😉 Lisa

  2. Carole says:

    Hello there! I’m a newcomer to your blog, and I love your content! I’m really enjoying working my way back through your posts 🙂 I haven’t got any great suggestions for how to improve your blog, but just wanted to say keep going, you’re doing a great job! xx

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