Crowdfunding Knickers

November 4, 2016

I don’t normally talk about brands still in the crowdfunding stage as I want to share products you can buy right now. But AmaElla a new ethical and sustainable lingerie brand really got my attention. Ethically made lingerie is hard to find and (for me at least) lingerie is not something you want to buy secondhand so I love hearing about new brands and start-ups. One of the things which really caught my attention is AmaElla sent me the prettiest press pack I’ve ever seen which included a brochure made with seed paper which I can plant and grow flowers from. How cool it that!

AmaElla ethical and sustainable lingerie brandAbout AmaElla

Created by friends Lara and Julie AmaElla designs and creates beautiful lingerie made from soft organic cotton (GOTS certified) in an ethical and sustainable way. AmaElla’s mission is to deliver the best products to make people look and feel confident in their bodies. They do this by creating beautiful garments made from organic natural fibres in an ethical way. The collection is inspired by the elegance and poetry of nature, AmaElla’s lingerie is designed to make you feel good. AmaElla’s contemporary vintage style celebrates sensuality with refined simplicity, inviting women to feel better about their bodies. Botanic gardens, colourful flowers and natural landscapes have inspired their feminine designs. Their lingerie sets are so pretty and look easy to wear under clothes at the same time and most importantly they make real bras. So many ethical lingerie brands only stock those little triangle bras, which let’s face it aren’t really bras. I’ve completely fallen in love with the cute little pyjama set and will definitely be adding to my summer PJ collection.

100% organic ethical lingerie from AmaEllaWhy Organic Lingerie

Much of our lingerie is made using synthetic materials. The problem with synthetic material is it isn’t breathable in the same way as natural non-synthetic material. This means synthetic materials hold moisture close to the skin increasing the likeliness of infection. With over 75% of women experiencing a yeast infection in their lifetime, breathable knickers are very important. Dermatologists recommend breathable cotton lingerie to help reduce the risk of infection.  AmaElla’s panties are made from 100% organic cotton certified free from harmful chemicals and dyes, guaranteeing extra comfort and breathability. They only use natural fibres recommended by dermatologists because they wick away moisture, creating natural ventilation and freshness for your skin.

Organic cotton lingerie is better for the environment, better for farmers and better for our skin.

AmaElla’s materials and processes minimise environmental impact. Organic materials reflect a respectful and future-oriented relationship between people and the environment. As a result, AmaElla focuses on the wellbeing of the communities they work with. They expect integrity from our suppliers and partners because it is how they do good business.

Beautiful ethical and sustainable lingerieWhy Buy From AmaElla

Your fashion choices today have the power to drive change tomorrow.

How To Support

AmaElla is currently crowdfunding through The Up Effect so they can start producing their beautiful lingerie collection. To support the project you can make a pledge here. They are so close to their target of £10,000, everything really does make a difference.


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