Keeping Warm This Winter With Dinadi

December 10, 2018
Cosy knits from Dinadi keeping warm all winter long

Winter has well and truly arrived here in Scotland. Along With the icy mornings comes the joy of wrapping up in cosy knits. It’s time to enjoy the cosiness that comes from cocooning yourself in soft, warm materials. And what is cosier than wrapping up in a big wool scarf and soft mittens? So when Dinadi got in touch to offer me a couple of pieces from their winter collection it was an easy choice.

Supporting Women

Dinadi is a slow fashion brand creating sustainable, timeless and high-quality knitwear in Nepal. But Dinadi does so much more than just create beautiful and warm knitted accessories. They believe social entrepreneurship is the way to bring lasting change to developing communities and exist to create job opportunities for women in Nepal. These job opportunities help to alleviate poverty and tackle Nepal’s human trafficking issue. The women (and men) creating these beautiful accessories are treated with dignity and fairly compensated for the work they do.

Know you knitter with Dinadi slow and sustainable knitwear

One of my favourite features of the brand is not only that they create fair and empowering employment but they also introduce their costomers to their employees. Each piece features the signature of the knitter who made it on the label. This creates a unique connection between the maker and the consumer. And it’s not just about a name. You can look your knitter up on their website, see their beautiful smiling face and read their bio. This experience of learning more about who lovingly created your garment creates a real sense of connection and appreciation for their work.

Slow Sustainable Style

Not only does Dinadi care about the people who work for them, but they also want to protect the environment. They do this by choosing to work exclusively with 100% superfine merino wool. Merino wool not only is sustainable its naturally insulating, breathable, wicking, dirt resistant and durable. It’s also 100% natural, renewable, biodegradable and recyclable. Merino wool is probably my favourite type of wool and I’d go as far as saying I prefer it to cashmere.

Dinadi also repurposes all of the yarn used ensuring nothing goes to waste. Any scraps are used for sewing tags or sent to the customer to enable them to repair their garment if needed. Another way they care for the environment is through eco-friendly packaging. The product boxes are made from local Lokta paper (environmentally friendly paper made from the bark of a fast growing bush that grows in areas of the Himalayas not suitable for farming). These boxes are truly beautiful and made recieving my package from Dinadi extra special. 

Cosy grey scarf and mittens from Dinadi. Keeping cosy on a cold winter's day
Cosy mittens from slow and sustainable brand Dinadi

Dinadi are a true slow fashion brand. They take their time to design classic pieces to combat the ever revolving trends. Slow fashion is about slowing down the fast and unsustainable pace of the fast fashion industry. It is a movement that promotes high quality and timeless designs, all done in a sustainable and ethical manner. Dinadi wants customers to wear their products for years to come not just a season. These are tren led but timeless classics you’ll want to pull out again next winter (and the winter after that). 

Dinadi scarf and mittens worn with Celtic and Co jumper
Cosy scarf and mittens from Dinadi

My Thoughts

If you are looking for some new winter accessories to keep you warm this year or perhaps a useful and practical gift then I would highly recommend Dinadi. My scarf is the perfect shade of grey (comes in other colours if grey isn’t your thing) and is big enough to feel snug and cosy but not so oversized it feels too much. I have worn this so much since it arrived it has become my go-to scarf. It just works perfectly with every outfit.

The mittens are another great piece. I have small hands and I have always struggled to find gloves that fit. In fact, I’ve given up on gloves completely in favour of finger-less gloves and mittens. They are just so practical and there are no worries about fit. I love that I can keep my hands warm but have my fingers free for using my phone, taking photos and anything else I might want to do.

Shop my outfit

Scarf – Dinadi 

Mittens – Dinadi

Jumper – Celtic & Co

 *This post is in collabortaion with Dinadi who kindly gifted the items mentioned. As usual all thoughts and opinions are my own.

2 responses to “Keeping Warm This Winter With Dinadi”

  1. Tsvetina says:

    This looks well cosy!

  2. Jaz says:

    Always so good to see more conscious fashion! Creating a venue for folks to more easily find ethical shopping options is fantastic. I want to give a shout-out to the company I work for, Texture Clothing We are a small label that designs and manufactures our clothing using hemp and organic cotton here in the U.S. We love seeing more and more people interested in ethically made clothing and more companies manufacturing responsible pieces. So great to build this slow fashion community!

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