Winter Packing: What to bring for a week in a log cabin in Scotland

February 5, 2018

Winter Packing: what to bring for a winter trip to the Scottish highlands

I don’t know about you but I love planning what to bring on a trip. One of the first things I don after booking any kind of trip is starting thinking about what I’ll bring with me. Packing for a trip is like creating a mini capsule wardrobe which to me is so much fun. But that doesn’t mean I always find packing easy. Winter travel especially comes with extra packing challenges.

For summer/hot weather trips packing is super easy to throw in a few bikini’s and a couple of sundresses and you’re done. But winter packing involves coats, sweaters and boots which means that suitcase fills up very quickly. But it is still possible to pack light even for a winter trip.

My Packing Process

The first step in any packing process is to think about where you are going and what you will be doing. You might find it helpful to grab some paper and write down your itinerary. For this trip, I’m heading to a log cabin in the Scottish highlands. We don’t plan on doing much other than relaxing so this makes planning a little easier. We will have the dog with us, so I need to plan for lots of long walks and then down time in the cabin. The cabin we booked has it’s own private hot tub so I’ll need to remember my swimsuit.

Once I’ve thought about what I’ll be doing on the trip the next step is to check the weather forecast. Since we’re not travelling too far I know the weather will be similar to home, perhaps a little colder with more chance of snow. Because the climate is so similar I’m just choosing from my current capsule wardrobe. Now if I was off to somewhere sunny I’d pull out my summer clothes to pick from.

Then I will start gathering the clothes I think I’ll need. This is based on the activities I’ll be doing and the weather. So for this trip, I need practical warm clothes as well as some loungewear for when we are in the cabin.

Finally, I’ll edit everything down. It can be helpful to think of outfits you’ll wear each day and consider if anything can be worn more than once. For example, you can get a few wears out of a sweater or jeans. This means you don’t have to bring as many and can save some space in your case.

My Winter Packing List

This trip is super casual so my wardrobe reflects that. I have also included some loungewear options for getting cosy in the cabin after a long walk. And I’ve made sure I remember my swimsuit so I can enjoy the hot tub. Everything has come from my current capsule wardrobe. Here is everything I’ve packed for a winter trip to a log cabin in ScotlandPacking list for winter trip to a cabin in the Scottish highlands. Winter packing list. What to take on trip to cabin

Long Sleeve Tee – Great for layering and can be worn alone on milder days.

Short Sleeve T-Shirt | Similar – Pretty self-explanatory┬ábut an easy to wear t-shirt is always a good idea when travelling.

Merino Wool Base Layer | Similar – Useful for layering on colder days

Swimsuit | Similar (Top + Bottoms) – For the hot tub ­čÖé

Drape Cardigan | Similar – Useful as an extra layer and for wearing around the cabin

Scandi Knit | Similar – This is super cosy and will be perfect for cold days

Cashmere Jumper – Lightweight so easy to layer but will still keep me warm

Knit Lounge Pants – So cosy and perfect for cold nights by the fire

Black Jeans – Slightly smarter than my blue jeans will be good for day trips or pub meals

Blue Jeans – Useful to have a second option for bottom half just in case one gets mucky

Winter Accessories (hat, scarf, mittens – again self-explanatory

Insulated Jacket – Cosy jacket to keep me warm even on very cold days

Waterproof Jacket | Similar – You don’t go anywhere in Scotland without a waterproof!

What else is in my case

3 responses to “Winter Packing: What to bring for a week in a log cabin in Scotland”

  1. I have actually had a whole week in a log cabin in Scotland and I must admit that what to wear wasn’t top of my list. In the end we were all huddled up together in the spot that had the best wifi!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Scotland is fab.

  2. Peter says:

    Thanks for your suggestions. Hope it will help me with my future trip!!

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