Winter Essentials You Need In Your Wardrobe + Giveaway

November 30, 2016

Winter has well and truly arrived here in Scotland. With temperatures struggling to get above freezing it’s time to start thinking about staying warm. Dressing for cold weather whilst avoiding the Michelin man look is a skill. Being Scottish I like to think I possess this skill. Although I’m definitely guilty of the Michelin man look during the morning dog walk. It’s all about having a few key pieces and knowing how to layer them properly. Today I’m sharing 5 winter essentials you need in your wardrobe to stay warm and stylish this winter. Each of these essentials will help keep you warm and stylish all winter and will work with everything else in your capsule wardrobe.

A cosy sweater is an essential in everyone's winter wardrobe1. A Cosy Knit

This winter essential is pretty obvious coming from me since I live in cosy knitwear from October to March every year. There are so many options available you are sure to find something you love. I recommend looking for knits with a high wool content as these tend to be warmer. I have written a lot about why I love wool, read why wool and my knitwear guide for more information. The knit I’m wearing here is from Whistles (bought last year, similar here) and is one of my go-to knits for freezing cold days as I know it’ll keep me warm and cosy.

A beanie hat is a winter essential for your capsule wardrobe2. Beanie Hat

I was never really a hat person up until a few years ago. I started working outdoors over the winter and discovered the power of the simple beanie hat. They really do make a massive difference when it comes to keeping warm. I have one on my head most of the winter. Instead of putting the heating on all day (just think of the bills) I’ll often throw on a hat for extra warmth while working at my desk. My hat is from Finsterrre* (available here) and is so cosy and warm.

Good quality flat leather boots are a winter wardrobe essential3. Good Boots

In Scotland, winter means lots of rain and snow so a good pair of boots is a must. If the weather is really bad I just wear my walking boots as they are warm and waterproof. This is great for walking the dog but sometimes you need a more stylish option. This is where a pair of good leather boots comes in. As you know I have several pairs of ankle boots, both flat and heeled, but sometimes you just need high leg boots. That extra length really does make all the difference to keeping your legs warm. I would always recommend investing in good quality leather boots which will last for years. My boots are from Ted & Muffy (bought last year, style still available here).

Everyone should have a warm oversized scarf in their winter wardrobe4. Warm Scarf

I think adding a scarf can make a huge difference to an outfit and can make you look put together. Plus they also keep you warm. I like a massive oversized scarf which can double as a blanket. Perfect if you ever find yourself sitting in a draft or on chilly public transport. Mine is from Zara (bought a few years ago, similar here).

A quality thermal vest will make a real difference to your wardrobe5. Thermal Base Layer

This last essential is my secret to staying warm and stylish during the cold winter. You can add a thermal base layer to any outfit and it will keep you warm no matter what. I tend to go for a vest style over long-sleeved tops (unless I’m outdoors all day) as I find the long sleeved tops get too warm. Just wear your thermal vest like you would any other vest top underneath your knitwear or shirts. My thermal top is a merino wool and silk mix from Lana Bambini (who also have a super cute range of baby clothes) and is one of the softest thermals I’ve owned. It’s so comfortable and warm and thin enough to wear under any top. And the best part is Lana Bambini is an ethical brand with no sweatshop labour or nasty chemicals in their products.

To help you all stay warm and cosy this winter Lana Bambini are giving away one of their thermal vests to one of my lucky readers. All you have to do is fill in the rafflecopter below to enter. The giveaway will last for one week and I will contact the winner within 24hrs. Prizes will be arranged and dispatched my Lana Bambini, I will only be involved in making the initial contact. The giveaway is only to UK entries. Good Luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

5 essentials everyone should have in their winter wardrobe to keep them cosy and warm all season long. Click through to find out what you should be adding to your wardrobe this winter



63 responses to “Winter Essentials You Need In Your Wardrobe + Giveaway”

  1. Charlotte says:

    My winter essentials are h&m thick leggings and a chunky jumper dress! My favourites are a m&s one I bought in a charity shop for 99p and a f+f one I bought for £2 … there’s a theme here right?

  2. Tracy Nixon says:

    A warm hat! If my head and ears are warm, then I feel warm 🙂

  3. Fiona K says:

    Heat Holder Socks & Gloves as my circulation is terrible

  4. caroline walliss says:

    My number one winter essential has to be my Thermal leggings i wear under my jeans.x

  5. Kelly Glen says:

    A warm scarf is my winter essential item.

  6. Becky Yeomans says:

    Mine is a scarf!

  7. Peter Watson says:

    I have an indispensable faux fur trappers hat from Canada

  8. Alison Ellis says:

    Fur lined leggings

  9. amy bondoc says:

    i cannot go out in winter without a good thick scarf

  10. Stacey Carnell says:

    Moisturiser as my forehead gets really dry in the cold :/

  11. sharon mead says:

    good warm socks, I love brasher socks

  12. Tania Atfield says:

    Gloves, thermal preferably as my hands get really cold

  13. Heather Haigh says:

    Warm socks – well warm everything tbh – I hate being cold – but especially my feet.

  14. Laura Bradbury says:

    Lined boots!

  15. Amy Ripley says:


  16. Laura Falconer Borgars says:

    I always need a scarf – I get a very cold neck!

  17. Ray Becker says:

    Good quaility overcoat

  18. Simon Tutthill says:

    A lovely warm pair of gloves,essential

  19. Barbara Knight says:

    Hat and gloves are my must-haves in winter.

  20. Helen Tovell says:

    My gloves

  21. Alica says:

    Hat, scarf, gloves and thermal socks! I don’t like the cold! 🙂

  22. Jo Carroll says:

    Definately my collection of scarves. I never leave home without one in the Winter. x

  23. Phil T says:


  24. purpleshoes says:

    good gloves are a must!

  25. Emma Rawlinson says:

    Fluffy socks. I hate having cold feet!

  26. Ellie Wood says:

    High quality gloves as my fingers are always cold

  27. Steph Hislop says:

    Found your blog a week ago through the #edinburghbloggers on insta and Ive already gone back through your post – we seem to view clothes and fashion in exactly the same way.

    I can’t live without a faux fur coat, the kind thats so big it makes people say ‘I bet you’re warm!’. Ive never tried thermals…do they really make the much of a difference?

  28. michelle o'neill says:

    has to be gloves x

  29. Beverley Cousins says:

    Hat,scarf and thermal socks!

  30. TRACY JAMES says:

    big pants are my winter essential…lol….x

  31. Karen Barrett says:

    I have a thing about matching hat, scarf and glove sets

  32. Kat Allinson says:

    Fluffy socks I get such cold feet in the evenings

  33. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    My winter essential is a colourful woolly scarf

  34. Fiona says:

    Gotta be a lovely big chunky knitted scarf!

  35. Rowena Wood says:

    Fleecy Pyjamas, cosy slippers, and hot chocolate to keep those winter nights cosy!

  36. Gemma Cook says:

    Definitely thick warm socks and a hat.
    Thank you for running such a generous giveaway!
    Merry Christmas!

  37. Tory Stockley says:

    Hat, snoop and gloves x

  38. Jessica Hutton says:

    A hat, scarf and gloves to stay toasty warm xx

  39. Gillian Holmes says:

    lip balm

  40. Janice says:

    I’m torn between hat or gloves

  41. Alison says:

    A nice warm coat

  42. suzanne sendell says:

    definitely my scarf,hate the chill of the cold on my neck

  43. ADEINNE TONNER says:

    My number one winter essential is my scarf it keeps me so warm outside in the cold

  44. Sarah Wilson says:

    Warm gloves!!!

  45. Patricia Avery says:

    Only just discovered thermal leggings last year and they are a godsend as now retired I spend a lot of time walking and cycling. They make such a difference.

  46. Andrea A says:

    My number one winter essential is a scarf.

  47. Kristy Brown says:

    My scarf!

  48. Miss Tracy Hanson says:

    Plenty of warm jumpers. Unfortunately our office is so cold at work I need 3 layers on even with the heater.

  49. Rachel King says:

    My knee length boots – keep my feet warm

  50. emma davison says:

    warm coat

  51. Margaret Murray says:

    Has to be my scarf. I don’t go out without it.

  52. Sarah Parker says:

    a warm coat 🙂

  53. Alisa Moore says:

    Thermal vests are my number 1 winter strategy

  54. Lilly Anne Shayn says:

    My Beanies! Warm ears make me happy hehehe 😀 Fantastic prize! Fingers crossed! x

  55. Rebecca Roberts says:

    Thermal leggings under my jeans heaven!

  56. Karl Borowy says:

    thermal socks

  57. Leila Edwards says:

    I can’t survive the winter without super fluffy socks under a good pair of boots.

  58. Gillian Mcclelland says:

    My winter essential is a scarf

  59. Laura Asplin says:

    ear warmers

  60. Emily Slough says:

    My number 1 winter essentials are thick tights and chunky boots!!!! <3

  61. Paula Cheadle says:

    My gloves go everywhere with me during the winter

  62. Robyn Clarke says:

    I’ve got a crocheted cowl that I love.

  63. Sarah Russell says:

    A good scarf is a must! but not wool for me l find it tangles my hair at the back . Trust me lol x

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