Winter Capsule Wardrobe Wrap Up

April 3, 2017

Outfits from my winter capsule wardrobeMy spring capsule wardrobe officially began on Saturday (full details coming on Wednesday) and I’m so glad to finally be out of my autumn/winter clothes. I’ve had the same capsule wardrobe since September as I decided to create a half year wardrobe. This made a lot of sense over the autumn and winter as our weather doesn’t change that dramatically. But it has felt like a long winter. It’s so nice switching up my wardrobe and adding lighter pieces and even a little colour.

But before we get onto my spring capsule wardrobe it’s time to wrap up the winter capsule. As usual, this will be done through questions and answers to stop me rambling on too much.

Lessons Learnt/Takeaways from My Winter Capsule Wardrobe

  1. Winter can be very un-inspiring and that’s OK. I’ve spent the winter hiding under big cosy knits which although practical isn’t the most inspiring outfit choice. As a result, I don’t have any pictures of my winter outfits (the images in this post are from my Instagram). I just haven’t felt inspired to take photographs when I’m dressing for warmth over style. However, in the middle of winter warmth is way more important than style.
  2. Bigger isn’t always better. My wardrobe has felt quite big over the last few months and I don’t like it. I purposely created a larger wardrobe back in September to give me plenty of layering options. But recently I’ve found it looking messy and overcrowded. I know some of you will think I’m crazy for saying I think my wardrobe of around 55 pieces is too big. But I guess I’ve been fully converted to minimal wardrobes and wanted something smaller.

Most Worn Pieces

Pretty much the same as my autumn capsule wardrobe my most worn pieces are:

  1. Skinny Jeans: Prefer this shape in the colder months as they work better with boots and oversized knits.
  2. Cosy Knits: Reasons for this are pretty obvious, knits are my go-to in colder weather.
  3. Ankle Boots: These just work with everything and are so easy to throw on.

Least Worn Pieces

  1. Whistles Oversized Dress: This is normally one of my favourite dresses to wear but I haven’t reached for it once over winter. This is properly because I haven’t been out much rather than not wanting to wear the dress. I will be keeping it out for spring so will see if I start reaching for it again.
  2. Tie Sleeve Jumper: I loved wearing this knit in autumn, it is a beautiful burgundy colour which is perfect for the season. But over winter I’ve been passing it up in favour of chunkier oversized knits. This is going to be stored away until autumn when I’m sure I’ll want to wear it again.
  3. Flat Knee High Boots: These got a lot of wear last winter but I just haven’t been reaching for them this year. They are a smarter shape which was perfect for working in an office but since I’ve been working from home all winter I don’t need any smarter options. This will be stored away for next winter as they are such a good staple to have.

Outfits from my winter capsule wardrobeWhat Worked Well

I had plenty of options which was great. Although winter being winter I stuck to my cosy knits. It was still nice to have the option of lighter weight items for warmer days if needed. I never felt restricted by my wardrobe and had options for all weather possibilities. Even if I did stick with my cosy knits all winter.

What Would I Change

In contrast to what I just said it might have been a good idea to remove a few autumn pieces from my wardrobe going into winter. Although they did offer options some items didn’t serve much purpose over winter and led to me finding my wardrobe too big.

Changes for Spring

I’ve had a massive clear out when planning my spring wardrobe. I was surprised at how big my wardrobe had gotten and how many clothes I got rid of (everything went to charity). This definitely helped me to feel refreshed and inspired by my wardrobe again. For spring I have a smaller wardrobe with a mix of warmer items for cool days and things for warmer days. I’m also removing a lot of the dark greys and blacks from my wardrobe and bringing in lighter colours to give it a more

I’ve also pulled smarter more work appropriate items out of the capsule. I plan to create a second capsule for workwear as I will be returning to office work soon. I will explain my plans fully soon. I’m really happy with my spring capsule wardrobe right now.

Goals for Spring

  1. Real life outfits: This was a goal for winter which I didn’t achieve but I want to start sharing more outfits with you on here. I think it will be useful to see the capsule wardrobe in action rather than just having me talk about it.
  2. Spring 10×10: I loved doing my autumn 10×10 so I’m excited to do another one for spring. I will be starting the challenge on Monday 10th April and can’t wait to get going.
  3. Create a workwear capsule: I have decided to separate workwear from my main capsule wardrobe and want to create a separate workwear capsule wardrobe. I’m allowing myself to shop for work appropriate pieces to help build this. I’m not sure what the final number will be yet but I’ll be sure to share everything with you once it’s ready.

2 responses to “Winter Capsule Wardrobe Wrap Up”

  1. Rachel says:

    I’ve been interested to see a few minimal fashion blogs developing separate ‘leisure/ weekend/ lounge and work capsules. Whilst I understand this if you require very formal work wear if you don’t but still have separate collections of clothes for different activities it seems to suggest to me that a very small capsule isn’t actually very practical for real life. I’m beginning to feel that bloggers have a capsule for blogging about and then a whole bunch of other clothes they actually wear. See Caroline Joy’s ‘house clothes’ drawer or Lee’s 20 piece lounge capsule. I suspect if all the clothes were put together it wouldn’t be much less than an ordinary wardrobe! I don’t know, it’s just my thoughts and observations and I know there are no rules to break but it doesn’t sit true to the ethos of a minimal, functional capsule to me.

    • Jen says:

      I can assure you that everything you see on this site is all I wear. I don’t really have house clothes except for my PJs as I like to get dressed every day even if I’m just at home. I can understand where you’re coming from with the separate capsule feeling like cheating. For me, it’s about helping the planning process rather than a sneaky way to fit more clothes in. My spring capsule wardrobe is only 33 pieces and I only plan on having around 10 pieces in my workwear capsule which is actually less than I had in my winter wardrobe.
      I don’t think capsule wardrobes are about having a super small wardrobe but rather about having a wardrobe which works for you and your lifestyle. I don’t focus too much on the total number and find around 50 pieces works well for me. I know some people have a lot less but I still like having options (within reason)

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