Winter Capsule Wardrobe Winners and Losers

April 4, 2016
Friday was the 1st of April which as well as being April Fools Day (does anyone else really hate that holiday) means the start of a new season for those doing capsule wardrobes. I finalised my Spring capsule wardrobe over the weekend and have put all my winter knits in storage until later in the year. But before I unveil my spring capsule wardrobe I wanted to round up the winners and losers from my winter capsule wardrobe.

The Winners



Let’s start with the superstars of my winter capsule wardrobe. Obviously, if you’ve been reading this blog over the last couple of months you’ll know that I had to have cosy knits in my winners category. The two knits I’ve had the most wear out of are my chunky salt and pepper (dark grey) knit from Asos and my light grey wool jumper from Whistles (this has zip details on the sides). Both of these have been in regular rotation (probably being worn at least once a week) all winter and have both washed really well. Both are perfect for those freezing cold days where all you want to do is bundle up in a cosy jumper, jeans and boots.
My third winner is a bit of a surprise as I had considered returning it when I first brought it. This Zara skirt as proved to be a very versatile piece, it looks great worn with a chunky knit as well as a smarter top for a night out. I’ve gotten so much wear out of this with tights and boots.
All 3 of my winners have been packed away for next autumn/winter.

The Losers


There have been a few pieces which have just been taking up space in my wardrobe and haven’t been working as hard as they should. I have already spoken about my faux leather trousers being difficult to wear and why I’ve not worn them as much as I’d hoped (read the post here) so I won’t mention them in this post. The first loser is this Topshop wrap front blouse (top of the pile), which I haven’t worn at all this season. It has a very deep v cut at the front and I had meant to sew it a little higher so I could wear it without a cami underneath, but never got round to it. I think if I had really wanted to I would have found the time to make the changes but I didn’t which I think shows I didn’t really want to wear it. It’s a shame because it is a nice top but if I feel self-conscious wearing it, then there isn’t really any point in keeping it.
The second loser is this oversized knit from Topshop. When I first bought this I loved the oversized shape and the longer length, however, I do find this shape difficult to wear. Being petite I sometimes think this looks like I’m a little kid wearing my dad’s jumper, which as a 30-year-old women isn’t a good look. I lose my shape when wearing this and although I do like things oversized I still want to show my figure a little at the same time. Another thing that really annoys me about this is it creases really easily. It’s my only knitwear which needs to be ironed every time I wear it and boy is it tough to iron.
My third loser is another item which wasn’t worn at all. I added this Topshop skater dress at the last minute as I thought I didn’t have any smarter options just in case. In hindsight, this was a bit stupid on my part as I have my special occasion wardrobe if I get invited anywhere fancy and I don’t really get that dressed up when I go out so really didn’t need a smart dress in my capsule wardrobe.

One response to “Winter Capsule Wardrobe Winners and Losers”

  1. Faye Jenkins says:

    Love the winners! I find the same with the cross over tops, they look nice but are sometimes awkward to wear without flashing, and I find wearing something underneath can sometimes ruin the line.

    Faye x
    i wish i could wink

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