Why You Should Care About Ethical Fashion

September 7, 2016
Why you should care about ethical fashion

I genuinely believe that every single one of us should care about ethical fashion, and although I understand why people choose to shop on the high street I also think you should consider shopping at more ethical brands. Here are my top 5 reasons why I think you should care about ethical fashion

ethical fashion
why you should care about ethical fashion

It’s Better Quality

I bet you’ve all had to throw away pieces from fast fashion brands after only a few washes because they start to look awful. Fast fashion brands don’t care about producing quality clothes, they care about making clothes quickly and encouraging you to buy more. This is one of the reasons why the clothes are such poor quality, they aren’t designed to last. With ethical brands, clothes are often made to last with better fabrics and attention to detail. The person making your clothes isn’t in a rush to meet their daily quota so can take their time to create a quality garment.

Ethical Brands Care About People

I’m guessing that a few of you are vegetarian or even vegan, meaning you have actively chosen a lifestyle against animal cruelty, but what about people? We’ve all heard the shocking truth behind the fashion industry and the way garment workers are treated. So why do we choose to treat animals better than people? We all shudder at the thought of battery hens but no one speaks about the conditions in garment factories around the world. I for one don’t want my clothes made under horrific conditions. Ethical brands pay their workers a fair wage and provide good working conditions.

It’s Stylish

For a long time, there has been this misconception that ethical and sustainable fashion is only for hippies. Trust me ethical fashion has far more to offer than hemp sacks. There are great brands out there offering a massive range of styles so you are bound to find something you like. A quick look on the websites of Ethical brands like ReformationPeople TreeASOS Eco EditMade, Matt & Nat and Gather & See will show you just how stylish ethical and sustainable fashion can be.

It’s Unique

Ever turned up at an event or spotted someone in the street in the same Zara blouse or H&M dress? Well because ethical and sustainable fashion is a niche movement this is unlikely to happen to you again. Buying from an ethical brand often means you will be the only one at the event in your dress. Ethical fashion is about buying clothes which are you, and making them last so you can still be wearing the same dress to parties for years to come.

It Feels Good

Enjoy walking around feeling smug that your dress is better quality than your friends from H&M. Embrace the fact that your stylish new blouse has been made my someone treated fairly, who enjoys their work. Ethical and sustainable fashion feels good (for all the right reasons).
      Ethical Fashion
Ethical Fashion

2 responses to “Why You Should Care About Ethical Fashion”

  1. I completely agree with all of this! Especially the part about people seem to care more about animals than people – both are equally important and we need to be ethical in all areas of life.

    Another ethical brand that you might be interested in – Nobody's Child. They are definitely my new faves at the moment, they have some really great pieces at super fair prices!


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