Where to Shop for Ethical Footwear

Where to shop for ethical footwear

The other day I booked a last minute vacation. With all the home renovations going on we weren't sure if a trip would be in the budget this year. But we've both been so busy lately what with work and the never ending painting a vacation is needed. So we're off to Cape Verde in July for a week of sunshine, cocktails and relaxing. As someone who normally plans everything out to the last detail booking a last minute trip has surprised even me. Once I got over the shock of spending so much money in one transaction and double checked my passport was still in date my mind turned to my vacation wardrobe.

We don't get a lot of hot weather here in Scotland so I don't have many clothes suitable for very warm temperatures. When I did my original wardrobe clear out I put a few bikinis and cover-ups away in a box under the spare bed. I pulled out this box and tried on everything inside. And most of it is still in condition and still fits so I think I'm OK for clothes. However, I had no vacation appropriate shoes stored away.

So on Sunday, I made it my mission to find nice ethical sandals to take away on vacation with me. They also needed to be suitable to wear on warmer days at home. Well, this really did turn into a mission. I hadn't quite realised just how hard it would be to find ethical footwear let alone the sandals I was looking for. I talk a lot about ethical fashion on here so whilst it might have been easier just to pop into town and grab a pair of sandals, I wanted to practice what I preach and buy ethically made ones. And to be honest, if it wasn't for the great advice from the ethical community I might have. Whilst we have plenty of easy to find options available for ethical clothing it is, unfortunately, another story when it comes to footwear. I like to think I know my way around a Google search but even I was having a hard time finding brands let alone styles I wanted to purchase. 

However, as I mentioned I reached out to the ethical community on Twitter and they came back with loads of great suggestions. So to help you guys out I thought I'd share some of these great brands with you. Hopefully, next time you're looking for some new shoes it wouldn't be quite as big a mission as it was for me. Although I'm not vegan myself I know a lot of my readers are so I have marked the vegan brands with a (V). Every brand mentioned ship to the UK, some of them are based in Europe or the USA but they offer international shipping. The only exception is Everlane but as they often do international shipping events I decided to include them.

Ethical Footwear Brands

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