What’s in my Bag – Mulberry Small Bayswater Satchel

January 27, 2016

I don’t think I’ve ever done a ‘what’s in my bag’ post before, which is pretty surprising given how popular they are. I treated myself to a new bag in the sales, so thought I might combine a mini bag review and a what’s in my bag. I don’t think this really needs much of an introduction, so let’s just get stuck in.

The Bag

The bag I’m currently using is the Mulberry Small Bayswater Satchel in red (the red is no longer available but they have it in oxblood, black and oak). I picked this little cutie up in the sales after Christmas (you may have seen on my Instagram), I was torn between this and the Lily. In the end, I decided that this would make a better everyday bag, and since I was spending quite a bit of money I wanted to get the use out of it. Don’t get me wrong the Lily is still on my wishlist (if anyone wants to get it for my I’ll take the black glossy goat leather with soft gold hardware). Anyone who knows me will know that picking a colour was a no brainer (I also go with red or black). This bag is exactly what you would expect from Mulberry with its gorgeous soft leather (which by the way smells amazing) and the classic Bayswater styling (including the postman’s lock). As this is the small satchel it comes with a long cross-body strap and the bag is about half the size of the classic Bayswater, but it still has that classic shape. Personally, I like the smaller size, being 5’3 I prefer a smaller bag as large bags can overwhelm my petite frame. The smaller size also makes the bag slightly more casually meaning you can wear it everywhere. It’s big enough to fit all of the essentials in, without it feeling stuffed. I don’t like to carry too much around with me so its perfect for me.

The Contents

Purse – Another Mulberry, this purse was part of my 30th birthday gift from my husband. I think the reason I have it in my bag is pretty obvious – I need to have my cards and money with me when I’m out and about.
Hand Cream – I really hate dry feeling hands so always carry a hand cream with me.
Phone – Pretty self-explanatory really, but like everyone else I don’t go anywhere without my phone.
Diary/Notebook – Yes I know I can use the diary and notes on my phone, but I prefer a paper diary and writing things down. I try to always have a notebook on me for any post ideas I may have when I’m out
Pens – Not sure why there is two, but I carry a pen to go with the notebook.
Keys – Another self-explanatory item but I need to have my house keys and car key with me.
Bobble – This is just in case I need to pull my hair up (or my hair just isn’t cooperating).
Lip Products – Does anyone else seem to always have a pile of lip products in their bags? I currently have two MAC lipsticks (Patisserie and Plumful if you’re interested), a mini Clarins lip balm and a Maybelline lip gloss in cashmere rose.
So there you have it the rather boring contents of my handbag. I did tell you I only carry the essentials with me!

4 responses to “What’s in my Bag – Mulberry Small Bayswater Satchel”

  1. hanarosella says:

    The bag is so beautiful! Sounds like you have all the essentials! 🙂 The notebook is really cute too!

    Hana | http://www.hanarosella.blogspxot.co.uk

  2. Such a lovely blogpost I have been eyeing up this bag for ages 🙂

  3. Vinnie Khor says:

    Greeting from Malaysia.

    I bought one preloved recently and it's bothering me a little. The fond of the Serial number printed behind the inside steel logo plate is very different with my Bayswater bag serial number fond. Do you mind to snap a photo of your serial number fond for me ? Very much appreciated. Thank you so much

  4. Vinnie Khor says:

    Correction it's "font" not fond ?

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