Opulent autumn outfit mixing leather, wool and faux furTwo outfit posts in one week, what’s going on Jen? Well, I did say I wanted to share my outfits with you this autumn. I want to show you that having a capsule wardrobe doesn’t have to mean boring outfits and that it’s OK to repeat pieces and outfits. Because let’s face it we all wear our clothes more than once. But before we get into the outfit I have something to share with you. I recently signed up with an advertising agency who will manage adverts on this site and sponsored post opportunities. I know ads can get annoying sometimes, but please don’t let the new ads put you off (and don’t feel any pressure to click on them). I put a lot of time and effort into this blog and it needed to start paying its way. I’ll be monitoring the ads over the next few weeks to see if they are having any impact, please let me know if you think any of them are unsuitable. It wasn’t an easy decision to start monetising this site but in order to keep creating content, I needed to make that choice. Any sponsored posts will always be in keeping with the theme of this blog and as usual, any thoughts and opinions shared will be my own (see disclaimer for details). Now that’s out the way let’s get on with the post.

Style shades of burgundy, maroon, deep red for an autumn, fall outfit of the daySomething for the Weekend

Before I talk about my outfit, I wanted to share what I’ve been reading, watching and writing this month. If you have any spare time this weekend, make sure you check out these great posts. And if you only have half an hour make sure you watch this Monday’s Panorama investigation into child refugees working in garment factories in Turkey. Not the easiest watch but so eye-opening looking at what’s happening so close to home.


  • The Real Thief of Joy – Laura from The Lovely Laura Life wrote this really interesting post on how she feels that comparison can be a source of joy. Challenging the saying the comparison is the theft of joy. It’s a refreshing way to look at the way we compare our lives and what we choose to take away from those comparisons.
  • How do You Motivate Yourself To Dress Cute Even If You’re Just Going to Be Around The House – Caroline from Un-Fancy wrote about how she motivates herself to dress cute when she is working from home. As someone who spends a lot of time at home, I do find myself wearing loungewear (old sweats and hoodies) around the house so need that little push to dress properly each day. It’s always good to read about how other motivate themselves.
  • Fall 10 x 10 Recap – Lee from Style Bee just finished her fall 10 x 10 style challenge. I’ve loved seeing her outfits during this challenge, even more so since I completed my own 10×10 style challenge.
  • Unlikely Style Icon: Barb Stranger Things – The girls at Wardrobe Conversations have been putting together some great looks for their unlikely style icons series in the led up to Halloween. Their creativity amazes me, there is no way I could put together outfits like this. My favourite style icon so far is Kim’s portrayal of Barb from Stranger Things, she makes such a convincing Barb. We must protect her from the Demogorgon!
  • You Can’t Call Yourself a Feminist if You Support Fast Fashion – Tolly from Tolly Dolly Posh Fashion wrote a great piece on her thoughts on the book Threadbare (read my review of Threadbare) and how fast fashion is connected with feminism. Full of facts about the fast fashion industry this post will convince you that you can’t be a feminist if you continue to support fast fashion. I have written about this subject in the past as well, read my thoughts on fast fashion and feminism.


  • BBC Panorama: The Refugee Children Who Make Our Clothes. The BBC went undercover in fast fashion factories in Turkey and discover refugees working in the factories, many of them teenagers. It’s available on iplayer if you missed it, there is also information on the investigation on the BBC News site.
  • Luke Cage – The husband and I have been having a Netflix binge watching Luke Cage, it’s a short series so not a huge commitment and well worth it.
  • Amanda Knox Documentary – I love a good Netflix documentary and this one is fascinating. I remember this case and how everyone was convinced Amanda did it. This just shows how the media can manipulate people and how evidence can be skewed to point towards anyone. If you do watch prepare yourself to get really anger at the Daily Mail reporter.


  • Is Embracing Hygge the Key to Happiness? – In this post, I spoke about the concept of Hygge (which I love) and shared 8 ways you can add a little more Hygge in your lives.
  • Giving Up the Fantasy Lifestyle – In this post, I spoke about giving up a fantasy lifestyle or climate and embracing your real life and weather. Our wardrobes should work for us and our real lifestyles, not a fantasy lifestyle.
  • Is Ethical Fashion Only For The Wealthy? – This post was a little controversial┬ábut I do think that everyone can make ethical fashion choices. Its all about changing our perception of ethical fashion and our attitudes towards shopping and clothes.
  • Benefits of Moving to WordPress – In this post, I share some of the benefits of moving your blog from Blogger to WordPress.
  • How to Shop Like A Minimalist – I share a few tips and tricks to adopt a more minimalist approach the next time you go shopping. Make sure you only buy what you need and what adds value to your life.

Styling faux fur and leather. Mixing textures for autumn winterThe Outfit – Style + Fit Notes

Mixing Texture: I love playing about with textures this time of year. Luxurious, opulent textures are always a big part of autumn/winter fashion. Here I’ve mixed the buttery soft leather of the skirt with the knit of the sweater. This in itself creates a contrast of texture but I decided to throw on my faux fur gilet to add even more texture to the look. I quite like the way it turned out, it’s a glamorous look but not so glamorous you couldn’t wear it to the supermarket.

Colour: It’s a no black outfit, well OK the tights and boots are black but its pretty much no black. I love the colour of this skirt, it’s the perfect autumn colour to me. I wasn’t too sure about teaming it with this top as I thought it could be a little too much, but I think because of the contrasting stripes it manages to work. You may remember this sweater from a few weeks ago when I said it contained my autumn colour scheme. Well, this whole outfit is my autumn colour scheme.

A-line Skirt: I used to think A-line skirts didn’t suit me, I always thought I was too hippy for them. Turns out I was wrong because the skim the hips as they flair out, they are actually really flattering on the hip area. This one is so comfortable to wear and just as warm as jeans, especially when teamed with tights. Finally found an alternative to my daily uniform of jeans.

70’s Throwback: I can’t not mention what a 70’s throwback this outfit is. It’s not my normal style, I tend to go for more classic modern shapes but I really love the 70’s look of this outfit.

How to wear a maroon leather skirtStand Out Piece

The stand out piece has to be this Whistles leather skirt. The photos really don’t do it justice, the leather is buttery soft and the colour is such a beautiful deep burgundy red shade. I can see this being worn so much this autumn/winter (and for years to come) the colour goes with pretty much everything in my wardrobe and adds colour to any outfit without being too in your face. I also think this will be amazing over Christmas as part of my Christmas events wardrobe (more on that to come). I only wish it had real pockets, but I suppose no pockets is a good thing as I won’t be standing with my hands in my pockets all the time.

Burgundy, navy and pink striped sweater from WhistlesShop The Outfit

Sweater – Whistles (exact)

Skirt – Whistles (exact, cheaper alternative, ethical alternative)

Gilet – M&Co* (similar)

Beautiful burgundy leather skirt styled with a stripe knit

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