Ways to Wear: Blanket Scarves

December 30, 2015
I love my oversized and blanket scarves (read about my scarf collection) but boy can they be tricky to style. The problem is there is so much material, you can sometimes feel swamped by them. The best thing to do is to have a play around with your scarves and find ways to wear them which work for you. But I thought I would share a few ideas to get you started. I’m going to show you 3 ways to style an oversized scarf and a blanket scarf. The oversized scarf is a traditional rectangular scarf which is just much larger than a normal sized scarf, whereas the blanket scarf is an extra large square shaped scarf.

The Blanket Scarf

The first way to style your blanket scarf is a traditional wrap around. To wear your scarf like this, start by folding the scarf in half diagonally to create a large triangle. Then place the point of the triangle in front of you and wrap the sides around your neck. I like to tuck the ends of the scarf underneath the front, it does take a little playing around to get it to sit right. The style works best without a coat or jacket as the material bulks a little in the front.
The second option for styling a blanket scarf is to knot it, which helps reduce the bulk of material. To create this look I started with the scarf folded into a triangle as above (although you could do this without folding first), I then rolled the scarf up to create a rectangle, about the thickness of a standard scarf. I then wrapped the scarf around my neck and tie the ends together at the front. Again I spent a little bit of time playing around until it sat right. Wearing your blanket scarf this way makes it so much easier to wear with a coat or jacket and as it sits close to the neck it will keep you cosy and warm on a cold day.
The third option is the simplest way to wear your blanket scarf, I also think it is the most glamorous way as well. I’ve just folded it into a large triangle and worn it over my shoulders like a shawl. This way is perfect for an evening look to add a little glamour and warmth to a little black dress. I also tend to wear my scarf like this in the office when it’s really cold as its just like wearing a blanket over your shoulders.

The Oversized Scarf

Like the blanket scarf, an oversized scarf can be tricky to wear as there is so much material to work with. I tend to keep things really simple with my oversized scarf and wear loose over my shoulders. I think this way looks great when worn with a coat (especially if you leave the coat open). Like with the blanket scarf you can pull some of the material down over your arms to wear it like a shawl. You could try belted the scarf to keep it in place.


The second way I’ve styled the oversized scarf is by simply wrapping it around my neck. Like the blanket scarf, this creates a bit of a bulk of material in the front and you have to spend some time playing with it to get it to sit right. I think this looks better when worn without a coat or jacket.


The third way to way your oversized scarf is to create a faux snood with it. To do this you simply wrap it around your neck like above and tuck each of the ends in. It may require a little bit of playing around to get it right but it looks really good once done. This takes some of the bulk away from your chest. You can also easily wear a coat or jacket with your scarf like this.
Both my scarves are a few years old from Zara. I could find any similar in stock online, but it may be worth checking out a store as you may find one in their sale. I did find a great selection at ASOS.

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  1. Katie Hunter says:

    I love the second scarf-such a pretty pattern!
    Great post,
    katie-louu.blogspot.co.uk x

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