Wardrobe Investment Pieces

August 11, 2016
All black clothes rail

When you create a capsule wardrobe or a minimal wardrobe you start to see the pieces in your wardrobe as investments rather than just purchases. This means you want everything you buy to last for years to come and be something you will want to wear for years to come. Ideally our wardrobes will be full of investment pieces, but when we’re just starting out or have a budget to consider it’s best to pick a few key investment pieces (you can slowly add better pieces as time goes on). But where should we be spending our money, what pieces are worth the splurge? Investment pieces should be timeless, high-quality pieces which work with everything in your wardrobe.


The Little Black Dress

There is a reason that a little black dress appears in every wardrobe essentials post, they really are one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe. Whether you wear it to work, out to dinner or to a wedding a little black dress can work for every occasion. The trick is in how you style it. Find one you love and look after it and it will be a staple in your wardrobe for years to come.

A Statement Bag

I think if you’re going to buy anything designer it should be a bag. Pick something classic in a colour you love and you will be using it for years to come. A quality bag doesn’t have to cost thousands but you should be prepared to spend a fair bit on a good quality leather bag. A few years ago I stopped buying cheap bags (after a few too many straps breaking and dye runs) in favour of owning a few quality leather bags.
Black ankle boots

Quality Footwear

Whether you’re buying strappy sandals or leather ankle boots, investing in quality footwear is always a good idea. It could be because I’m getting old but I will always choose a comfortable shoe over something that hurts my feet. Your footwear shouldn’t give you blisters or make you so uncomfortable all you can do is sit down. Choice footwear which is comfortable and works with your lifestyle (maybe give the high heels a miss if you’re on your feet all day). Personally, I love a black ankle boot as they work for all occasions and are comfortable to wear all day.

The Perfect Wool Coat

A good quality which keeps you warm is an essential if you live somewhere with cold winters like I do. For years I used to buy cheap poor quality coats with little to no wool content, which basically meant I was freezing all winter. A good quality coat which you can wear for any occasion and keeps you warm is always going to be a good investment. A quality coat should last you for years and years if you look after it probably.

Timeless Jewellery

Statement jewellery has its place in your wardrobe but investing in a couple of simple timeless pieces is always a good idea. A simple necklace or bracelet can completely change the look of an outfit, making it into something special. Receiving fine jewellery as a gift from someone you love gives it meaning and will remind you of that person every time you wear it. I think a meaningful piece is much more special than cheap statement jewellery (so start dropping hints).

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  2. Holly Olivia says:

    I agree with all of these! I'd also rather buy a statement bag as an investment! I also love more plain, amazing quality leather ones but you can't beat a statement x


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