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May 4, 2016
Last week I was invited along to Jenners in Edinburgh by Ultimo to take part in a bloggers styling challenge. I arrived at Jenners (part of House of Fraser) and headed straight for the lingerie department, where I was meet with a class of fizz (always welcome). The PR team at Ultimo then talked us through the brand’s new collection, tempting us with some really pretty bras.
Ultimo is a brand I’ve heard of but always thought they focused on larger sizes so weren’t for me, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out they cover a large range of sizes (including for little boobies like mine) and are pretty reasonably priced. In fact, they have a great offer on just now where you can get 5 bras for £50 and 5 panties for £25 that work out at £75 for 5 new sets (not bad huh). You can check out their range and purchase on the ultimo website here or at House of Frasers.
After checking out all the pretty bras, the girls from Lancome introduced us to their new Energie do Vie range (shop here). I’m currently testing out the samples they gave us and will let you know how I get on. We also got to try out their new Juicy Shakers, which are a modern version of the infamous juicy tubes (pretty sure everyone has had a juicy tube in their makeup bag at some point). These felt so nice on the lips and I love the applicator (it’s like a beauty blender for lips).
After checking out the Ultimo range and the Lancome goodies we all headed upstairs to the personal shopper changing rooms. The girls had pulled out a range of clothes for us to play with as part of the styling challenge. They had even organised for a professional photographer to take photos of our completed outfits. The styling challenge was to create an outfit with underwear as outwear using Ultimo’s range. I went for a red lace triangle bra, teamed with a pair of bright printed trousers and a sheer t-shirt. I had originally pulled out a blue blazer but that left too much belly hanging out. Between all of the bloggers there we had a range of outfits for pretty much any occasion. I definitely had drinking cocktails on the beach down.
It was such a fun night, I love events where you have something to do instead of just standing about drinking prosecco. The girls organising the event were lovely and even ran around the shop for us to get the right size. Ultimo had very generously including one of their lace crop tops in our goodie bags. I think this will be such a useful piece perfect for covering up a little with a low cut top or even wearing alone. I’ve styled it here with my white blazer which (if I say so myself) looks great. Although I don’t think I’d ever wear this look outside the house (too much belly on show for me) it would be great for anyone with a little more confidence.

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  1. MaggieBob says:

    Looks like it was fun, and your styling is cool. I don't think there's too much belly showing with the blazer, though its (obviously) all about what you're comfortable with.

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