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January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!


I was planning on writing a post reflecting back on the last year, but decided that would get way too soppy and cheesy so I’m going to share my favourite posts from the last year. It’s been a pretty good first year as a blogger, I’ve attended some amazing events, worked with great brands and meet some wonderful people. Hopefully, 2016 will bring even more opportunities to create memories.

My Top Ten Blog Posts of 2015 (just click on the post title to read)

The True CostThis post marked a change in my outlook on life as well as the direction of my blog. I decided to try to cut fast fashion out of my life, which led me to discover capsule wardrobes. I suggest you watch The True Cost documentary (available on Netflix) as it will change the way you view your wardrobe and shopping habits.

Thoughts on Turning 30 – I celebrated my 30th birthday in 2015, and I shared my thoughts and feeling on this milestone birthday with you in this post.

Pinterest Tips – In the summer I was lucky enough to be able to attend a Pinterest Workshop for bloggers. In this posts, I share some of the tips I learnt at the workshop. I still need to put the tips into practice on my Pinterest, however, I know others have had great success using these methods.

Tips for Building Your Perfect Wardrobe – Back in February I shared some of my tips for creating a perfect wardrobe, and although my attitude to shopping and clothes has changed I still think these tips are relevant whether you want a capsule wardrobe or not.

Outfit of the Day – Wide Leg Trousers – Of course I had to include my first outfit post in my top posts of the year. I can’t believe what a nice day it was, hopefully, I’ll be able to get outside for more outfit photos in 2016.

Wardrobe Clear Out Tips – Back in February I shared my top tips for clearing out your wardrobe. I find myself linking back to this post all the time as the tips are so relevant. Have a read if you’re planning on sorting your wardrobe out this year?

Home Snippet – Guest Bedroom – The spare bedroom was one of the first rooms completed in my new house. I love the grey walls with the copper accessories, it’s such a pretty room (even if I do say so myself).

Dealing with Flaky/Unreliable Friends – Earlier in the year I had some difficulties with a friend who kept cancelling plans last minute or ditching plans with me to do something else. I shared some advice I’d picked up from dealing with this.

Coping When Your Partners Away – My husband works away from home and is away for weeks at a time. In this post, I shared some of the methods I use to cope when he’s away as it can be tough when you’re left alone.

Home Snippets – Downstairs Loo – Finally another interiors post. This post still gets a lot of traffic via Google. The downstairs toilet is another room I’m quite proud of. I made the decision to go with fairly bold wallpaper, which was risky in such a small room but I think it looks great.


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