Thoughts On Fashion Blogging

February 26, 2016
Thoughts on Fashion BloggingThis started out as a post on how I don’t fit the model of a typical fashion blogger which then led me to think about why we all have this stereotypical idea of what makes fashion bloggers. Back in September, I decided I wanted to change the direction of this blog from a lifestyle blog to one focused on fashion, mainly my experience of a capsule wardrobe which I suppose meant I became a fashion blogger. I’ve been thinking about how I feel about fashion blogging and whether or not I can call myself a fashion blogger.

When I think of fashion bloggers my mind always turns to the established bloggers with the massive designer wardrobes and professional photographers (I’m not going to name any bloggers but I think you get what I mean). I certainly don’t fit this description, my life is far from glamorous (in fact I’m sitting in my sweats with a cup of tea right now), I don’t have the designer wardrobe or anyone to take my pictures. As you all know for the last 6 months I’ve been living with a capsule wardrobe and have completely changed my attitude to clothes. So much so I don’t want that massive walk in wardrobe anymore, I’m quite content with my 37 piece wardrobe. Although I will admit I wouldn’t say no to the designer part, I’m still happy with my high street wardrobe. When I decided to change focus from lifestyle to more fashion I still thought of myself as a lifestyle blogger rather than a fashion blogger. Fashion bloggers post amazing outfits of the day with beautiful photography, more often than not wearing something new in each outfit. I was changing my wardrobe (and my blog) to try to stop my bad shopping habits and reduce the amount of clothes I was buying. I worried that showing the same pieces in loads of outfit posts would be boring and repetitive. I don’t have a particularly interesting style, in fact, I mostly live in my jeans, teamed with some kind of knitwear. Not very exciting or Pinterest worthy. I don’t have an amazing glamorous lifestyle with lots of exciting events to attend, and therefore lots of pretty outfits to share, nor do I have a unique style or lots beautiful vintage pieces.

I don’t do this full-time and have a life outside of this blog which requires me to dress in normal clothes. I can only imagine the looks/comments I would get if I showed up to work in a street style OOTD. I love high fashion blogs and bloggers with unique style because they offer some kind of escapism and inspiration. But at the same time, I want to see bloggers who have a similar style to mine, I want to see more everyday outfits from girls with everyday wardrobes. I don’t think you need that walk in wardrobe full of designer clothes to be a fashion blogger. Yes its great to see these wardrobes and look at beautiful clothes, but we also need to be able to relate to the bloggers we follow. I don’t know about you but I find it harder to relate to someone buying a new Chanel every other week than the blogger who shops in Topshop and H&M. I think fashion blogs should be a mix of the aspirational designer outfits and the normal outfits we can all wear in our everyday lives. We can have the high fashion blogs as well as the everyday high street fashion blogs.

The photography of big fashion blogs is always amazing, they shot in beautiful locations, often with a professional photography. I certainly don’t do that. I’m lucky if I can get my husband to agree to take of a couple of pictures for me. Shooting outfit posts in public is really awkward, I have an idea of the images I want, but my poor husband has no idea and he doesn’t enjoy it, which can lead to arguments (how many of you get into arguments over blog photos). Although we live just outside Edinburgh, it takes a while to get into town and finding a quiet street to get photos is hard. It would take up most of the day to get a couple of images of one outfit. And when you work full time, your weekends are very precious so this isn’t a good use of time. Yes, I suppose I could stand in front of the castle and look like all the other tourists getting their picture taken, but that’s not what blog photography is about. My husband also works away from home, which means I’m alone for half the month, so I need to find a way to get photos without him there. I’m just not confident enough to take a tripod out with me to get photos (maybe one day). I don’t have any budget or desire to hire a professional photographer. And as I said before the outfits are normally pretty boring so I would feel like I’m wasting their time.

My solution to these issues was to set up the spare bedroom in our house as a mini studio. I painted the walls white and got myself a couple of studio lights (cheap ones from Amazon) as our house doesn’t get much natural light. This means I can take photos (outfits or products) whenever I want and most importantly it only takes me a few minutes. I know the photos are never going to be as good as other bloggers who can take pictures in interesting (and beautiful) locations, but I’m happy with my current setup and it works for me. I don’t have any worries about the equipment, getting cold, dealing with strange looks and the best bit is there is always a cup of tea just out of shot. You won’t ever see many street style outfit posts on this blog, as its just not my style and I just find it too awkward and uncomfortable. Blogging is supposed to be fun, so why should I make myself feel uncomfortable for it. Maybe one day I’ll overcome this and decide to do more street style photography but right now I’m happy doing my own images at home.
I want this blog to be a source of advice and support for anyone considering a capsule wardrobe or just wanting to make changes to the way they shop. This is very fashion focused but doesn’t have daily outfit pictures. I include the occasional outfit post to show you how I style the pieces I talk about in my other posts. I want to show you that my capsule wardrobe does work in real life and that I can create different outfits with it. Hopefully, this helps to build a picture of what it’s really like having a capsule wardrobe and that it’s not really that challenging. But this does bring up the question of whether or not this is a lifestyle or fashion blogging. In my mind, because the focus is on fashion then it does make this a fashion blog. You don’t need to have pictures of clothes and stylish outfits to be a fashion blog, blogging about fashion makes it a fashion blog.
I guess the conclusion to this is that if a blog focuses on fashion then yes it is a fashion blog. Glamorous outfits, designer wardrobes and beautiful photography aren’t needed to be a fashion blog. If you are interested in fashion and share that interest on your blog then you can call yourself a fashion blogging. You don’t need to share daily outfit pictures and can have a normal everyday wardrobe. I may not be a traditional fashion blogger, but this is still a fashion blog.


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  1. Caroline says:

    I completely and utterly 'get' this post.
    Stepping into the blogging world 5 years ago, i remember my first outfit post.. in my parents back garden, with my non blogging friendly camera perched on books piled up on the patio table, with the self timer on. i was wearing jeans and a casual tee from Topshop… – after posting it and then finding other blogs etc, i realised and decided that my casual jeans loving outfits would never cut it. So i rebranded, with a new name and direction and researched and googled blogs to get ideas. Although i didn't feel i was a stereotypical fashion/outfit blogger, i tried and failed at fitting in as one. I'm a jeans girl through and through. My outfits will always consist of jeans, but that's me. It's be great recently to find a blogger with a similar love for jeans as me and although she has the odd designer piece, she's also hughstreet and I couldn't love her more! It's great finding another blogger you can relate too. You just have to be happy with yourself.


  2. Ha – I totally feel your pain re getting husbands to take photos – Matt really resents it! It doesn't help that I hate having my photo taken.

    Nice blog – haven't read before – but I'll swing by again!


  3. Emma Kathryn says:

    Great post! I love to lust over a designer wardrobe (mostly shoes and bags) but like you I don't have the time for that and also find that posts from high street stores and the bloggers who write them are so much more relatable!

    keep doing what you do!

    Emma x

  4. May Cho says:

    I definitely relate to this one. As someone who is very particular and careful about calling myself what, a "fashion blogger" still wouldn't be what I would call myself despite having been running a blog focusing on clothes for nearly a year now. To me, while the high fashion and high street distinction to cause myself some insecurity, it is the term "fashion"that worries me, so I stick to "style " as of now.

    Anyway, k think you make a good case here regardless!

    May |

  5. I love your being candid in this post. Don't ever feel pressured to live up to the ideal. I don't really bother much with what the big bloggers do. I just use this outlet to express my own interest in fashion. We don't have to live up to that ideal, our unique style is what will set us apart from the others.

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  6. Julie XIV says:

    I totally agree and can relate to everything you have stated. Being a fashion blogger is not easy these days with all those great bloggers who have a "professional" person behind the cameras shooting for them. So don't feel down about that, at least you are real.

    JULIE ||

  7. Aw Jen this was a great read. I totally get it! I can't relate to the bloggers who are wearing burberry or dior and find it refreshing when I find other bloggers who shop in H&M as much as me haha! I legit JUST had my camera balanced on two tables in the living room to try and do an outfit post today!! I say keep it real and be true you! x x

  8. I completely agree that although designer outfits are lovely to look at, it's really not relatable nor attainable for most of us. I wear jeans/sweats wherever possible and these days would just look odd legging it to the bus stop in stilettos. It is difficult not to get caught up in the blogging world between what you think you 'should' be doing and what you can actually do/want to do. I've read some posts that shocked me a little, about bloggers buying outfits for blog post shoots, keeping the tags on and taking everything back because they couldn't afford it but wanted to keep up with latest trends. It's much more refreshing to read posts from people who are open about their lifestyles. I am not a fashion blogger but try to branch out in that direction every now and then, but the whole shooting out in public in clothes I would never actually wear has always put me off. It's good to know though that many people would actually prefer to see 'real' outfits on blogs. I've just found your blog and will be back!

  9. Beekeyper says:

    What a genuine, great post. Street style is nice and all, but do I have fifty designer bags? Do I even have one?! No!

    I love seeing and reading inspirational high-fashion blogs, but let's be honest – it's not real life. I love reading your blog!

    Beekeyper – Latest post – 6 steps to swoon-worthy skin

  10. lifedevoured says:

    Love your blog and you're keeping it real. Your style and posts are inspirational which is far more appreciated than other bloggers who post an $800 bag like you just HAVE to have it. People got mortgages! 😉 Keep it up.

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