The Pros and Cons of Capsule Wardrobes

November 11, 2015

I’ve been living with my capsule wardrobe for a couple of weeks now. I think I have a good idea about the pros and cons of a capsule wardrobe now. Today I thought I’d share these with you (please remember these are based on my personal experience of living with a capsule wardrobe)

The Pros

    • My wardrobe looks so pretty. This is probably one of my favourite things about this challenge. My wardrobe looks like a Pinterest wardrobe right now (matching hangers included). Because I only have 31 items hanging in it I can spread everything out and can see all my clothes at a glance. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy pushing everything together and admiring how little space it takes up.


    • Getting dressed is easier. Because I know everything in my wardrobe and what goes with what I can pick out an outfit quickly. I can just grab a top and bottoms without too much thought and I’m good to go, in fact, I could probably put together an outfit in the dark. This couldn’t happen before as I had too many tops which I could only wear with certain trousers or trousers which only worked with that one pair of shoes. Having a curated wardrobe means everything works well together which is amazing.


  • I’m saving money. Although it’s only been a month without shopping I’m noticing a difference in my bank account already. Which only goes to show how much money I was wasting on clothes each month. But my reduced spending doesn’t just apply to clothes the challenge as got me thinking about the amount of ‘stuff’ I buy and I consciously haven’t made any impulse purchases in the last month.

The Cons

    • Outfit Repeating. This was one of my main concerns about the capsule wardrobe challenge as I don’t like the idea of wearing the same outfits week in, week out. I know I tend to wear jeans and a jumper most days and because I have a limited number of jumpers in my capsule I’m repeating the same ones over and over. I need to challenge myself more to find more creative ways to style my clothes – which is why I’m doing the 3 ways to wear posts.


    • Gaps in the Capsule. This could be seen as a pro as well as a con, but I’ve been able to identify a few gaps in my wardrobe and unlike before I can’t just buy something to fill the gap straight away. However, this has been using in planning my next capsule as I know what I’m lacking and can take my time finding the perfect item.


  • No Shopping. I know I just said that no shopping meant I was saving money which is a massive pro, but at the same time not being able to buy new clothes sucks. Especially as a blogger its hard not to want everything you see your fellow bloggers wearing and not purchasing your ASOS saved list. I’ve managed to avoid the temptation to go on my favourite shopping sites, but I’m still reading my favourite blogs and have been creating a wishlist in my head.

So there you have it the pros and cons of having a capsule wardrobe. In my opinion, the pros I’ve experience far outweigh any of the cons mentioned. In fact, all 3 of the cons could be viewed as a positive thing, it just depends on how you want to look at it.If you have a capsule wardrobe, what do you think the main pros and cons are?


3 responses to “The Pros and Cons of Capsule Wardrobes”

  1. This is something I really need to do once my baby is born. I currently have a wardobe jam packed full of clothes some which I haven't worn in years and currently don't fit (obviously because I'm pregnant) I have about 5 maternity outfits I wear on rotation and I must admit it's definitely a lot easier to chose what I'm wearing each day!

    • admin says:

      Congratulations on the baby (how exciting). I think a capsule wardrobe would be perfect for new mums – one less thing to worry about and you can concentrate on baby.

  2. Sharon Reid says:

    Great post. Sometimes I think I need a capsule wardrobe to make it easier and quicker to get dressed in the morning. I'm not a minimalist and very much a hoarder! ☺ x
    Sharon from

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