The New Sustainable Edit

June 20, 2018

Why I almost quit blogging

Welcome to the new sustainable edit!

Well OK, ‘new’ might be a slight over exaggeration but there has been a bit of a re-vamp around here.

I’ve been feeling a little lost with this blog over the last year. I’m sure you’ve noticed posts have been a bit sporadic lately. I just haven’t felt inspired to post. In fact, I almost considered quitting. Blogging had fallen to the bottom of the list of priorities and this site wasn’t receiving the attention it deserved.

The Sustainable Edit

I remember when I first started blogging back in 2015 I loved everything about it and couldn’t wait to get my next post up. I think I went to every event in Edinburgh and felt part of an exciting and connected community. As my site starting to grow and I developed a focus I cut back on events but continued to post regularly. My blog became a huge part of my life. I was earning an income from it and posting around 3 times a week. But then my priorities shifted. Around this time last year, I took on a new full-time job. That alongside renovating our house, spending time with friends and family plus trying to keep on top of everything else left little time for blogging. Something had to give and unfortunately, it was this blog.

Regular posting disappeared and it was lucky if I even signed in once a month. The funny thing was I didn’t feel guilty about it. Two years ago I worried if I missed a post thinking it would mean losing followers or a massive drop in page views. But now that doesn’t bother me. It feels like this blog has reverted back to a hobby and I’m good with that.

[left]the new sustainable edit[/left]
[right]The Sustainable Edit[/right]

Going forward I want to embrace that more relaxed approach. I’m still here because I love the process of writing and sharing with you. This blog has focussed on capsule wardrobes and me sharing my tips and advice with you for so long when I decided to quit my capsule wardrobe I didn’t know what to talk about on here anymore.  I’ve had to take a step back to think about what I will share with you.

As you will be aware I’m passionate about ethical and sustainable fashion and want to share that in a positive way. I’m stepping away from discussing the negative side of fast fashion. There is enough doom and gloom out there, you don’t need me adding to it. I want to share brands that create beautiful clothes in a sustainable way. Focussing on the alternative to fast fashion rather than making anyone feel guilty about all the Primark or H&M in their closet.

Whilst the focus of this site will continue to be sustainable style I want to discuss other topics too. There will be more lifestyle posts and I’m bringing back beauty posts. I’m in the process of switching to clean, natural beauty and have so much I want to share with you.

The Sustainable Edit

As well as a slight change in the content I’m sharing I’ve given this site a visual update too. I’ve gone for a cleaner theme and ditched the sidebar to reduce clutter. The menu has been simplified with only 3 categories (remind to never again change my categories) now to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. I’ve even been playing about with how I edit my photos, although that is a work in progress.

They do say a change is as good as a rest so I’m hoping this wee re-vamp gives me the motivation I need to fall back in love with blogging. It’s already helped me create a list of post ideas. It’s just now a case of making them happen. I’m not setting myself a schedule as I don’t want the pressure but hope to find my own routine which includes blogging. Things will be a little more fun and spontaneous in the future.

[left]The Sustainable Edit[/left] [right]The Sustainable Edit[/right]


5 responses to “The New Sustainable Edit”

  1. Good to see you back, Jen. I really love that dress on you!

    Sounds like you have lots to share so good on you for taking the pressure off. And congrats on the new job!


  2. Alice says:

    Love the dress!!

  3. Jess Rose says:

    Love that you’re stepping away from the negative side and embracing the love for ethical fashion brands. That’s actually why i love going on to find really great ethical fashion brands. You should check them i think you guys will work great together

  4. Pranchise says:

    My mother used to say to me do with less and have a good time well this year is nearly out and I intend to get this sorted one way or another

  5. Amy says:

    Just found your site and glad you are still posting! I definitely want more of THIS in my life.

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