The Fluid Capsule Wardrobe

May 2, 2016

First of all, get me being all bloggery (yes I know it’s not a real word) and giving a fancy name to what is basically a normal wardrobe. But I’m feeling fancy today so we’re going with the title fluid capsule wardrobe.

So what exactly is a fluid capsule wardrobe?

Basically I switched out my capsule wardrobe as planned at the beginning of April, making sure I included a range of clothes to suit the Scottish spring (meaning a few lightweight knits). Things were going fine with the new wardrobe, I was layering up and we had a couple of days were I didn’t even need a jacket.

Then last week happened! Seriously it was like -1 degrees and we were having snow showers daily. I get that we do often get spring snow but not like this. It was proper freezing and more wintery than winter. So what’s a girl with a perfectly curated spring wardrobe to do when its -1C outside and snowing. I had to admit defeat and dig out my winter knits and boots, or freeze to death (you can probably guess which one I went for). But it was still April and supposed to be spring time so I didn’t want to change everything back to winter only to (hopefully) swap everything back again in a couple of days/weeks.So I decided to take inspiration from the 5 piece French wardrobe concept and choose 5 pieces from which I created a fluid capsule wardrobe for this crazy weather. The fluid capsule wardrobe is basically a selection of pieces which I can add to my spring wardrobe on colder days so I don’t freeze but without having to completely switch out my wardrobe. This creates a bit of a safety net for when the seasons don’t change as they should (very important in Scotland when the weather does its own thing no matter what). I also think it will be useful again in Autumn when I can have a couple of more summery items available for those warmer September days.

So what do I include in my fluid capsule wardrobe?

As I was needing a couple of warmer items to wear on colder days I went for a selection of knits and a pair of leather boots. I included:
  • 3 knit jumpers
  • 1 long sleeved top for layering
  • 1 pair of leather ankle boots
Everything I kept out was neutral so could be worn with the pieces from my spring capsule wardrobe meaning I didn’t need that many pieces. To avoid the issue of having too many things in my wardrobe (one of my favourite things about having a capsule wardrobe is having less stuff in my wardrobe) I made a little space in one of my drawers for the clothes (I kept the boots in the wardrobe).
This meant I could have the extra pieces close by without having to keep them in the wardrobe with my spring capsule wardrobe. It also means because they aren’t taking up space or in the wardrobe everyday I have only reached for them when really needed (like when its -1 and snowing).
Hopefully, this crazy weather will end soon and my pieces can be put away in storage with the rest of my winter clothes. But until then they have created a very valuable safety net to help me deal with the crazy Scottish spring.
*little note on coats/jackets. I decided not to count any jackets or coats as part of my spring capsule wardrobe as I couldn’t be sure what ones I would be needing. So I have continued wearing a couple of my winter coats, hopefully, I’ll be able to switch to lighter jackets soon.

6 responses to “The Fluid Capsule Wardrobe”

  1. I honestly can't see myself ever having my life together enough to have a capsule wardrobe! I envy your organisation, my wardrobe is bursting at the seams and is in desperate need of a clear-out…

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

    • admin says:

      Trust me, my wardrobe is the only organised part of my life. I love a good clear out, you find so many things you've forgotten about its like shopping (but without spending any money)

  2. I just can't do capsule wardrobes even though I know it would be so much easier, and we only wear a fraction of our wardrobes anyway.

    • admin says:

      It does make life so much easier, but I completely understand why you don't think its for you. Try starting with a big clear out and see how you feel

  3. Tamzin Swann says:

    I wish I could do this. I need someone to do it for me, would be so much easier! The weather has been awful this week xx

    Tamz |

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