The Big Wardrobe Purge

October 21, 2015

The first step in my capsule wardrobe challenge (to find out more read my post on Reforming the Shopaholic: The Capsule Wardrobe Challenge) was to purge my wardrobe by having a massive wardrobe clear out. My last wardrobe clear out was back in February (see my top tips for clearing out your wardrobe) so my wardrobe wasn’t that bad, however, I’ve been slowly filling up the wardrobe in the spare room with the overflow from my main wardrobe. As always the clear out started with taking everything out of my wardrobe (this time I also emptied all the drawers as well). As I expected this process to take a while I put everything on the bed in the spare bedroom. I used the spare bedroom so that I could take my time and go through everything and still have somewhere to sleep if I didn’t get it finished.

Instead of my usual 3 piles I added a fourth pile to help separate out of season clothes. So my piles were:
Yes – These were the clothes I love and would happily wear tomorrow
Maybe – I don’t love them, but don’t want to get rid of them. I plan to box these up and put them out in the garage and see if I decide to pull any of them out over the next few months.
Seasonal – As we’re going into winter, I used this pile for my summer dresses and holiday clothes. I have put these away until next summer.
No – These were the items I don’t wear anymore and don’t want to keep.
I then moved on to my shoes using the same method. Now unlike my clothes I hardly ever sort through my shoes – I’m ashamed to say I still had some pretty scruffy heels I used to wear out clubbing (I can’t remember the last time I was in a nightclub). I have to admit I found sorting the shoes the hardest part of the process, as I seem to have so many memories attached to my shoes. I managed to significantly reduce the number of shoes I own now. Again I kept my summer shoes separate as I won’t be wearing them for a while.
After I sorted out my clothes and shoes I brought the two Yes piles together to begin the process of creating my capsule wardrobe. Luckily I had pretty much the ideal amount of clothes in my Yes pile (Go Me!!), but narrowing down the shoes was a little more difficult (I obviously have a thing for shoes). I now have a capsule wardrobe of 40 pieces including shoes and coats but not including accessories, loungewear, underwear, PJ’s or workout clothes (I have also excluded my outdoor gear for dog walking). I will talk you through my capsule wardrobe choices on Friday. As it’s my first time working with a capsule wardrobe, I have kept my out of season clothes in the wardrobe in the spare bedroom so I can get to them easily if I want. Obviously, the idea is that I don’t wear them and kept everything so next season but I don’t want to put myself in the position of not being allowed to wear something I know I own.

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  1. Cool tip the categorie thing.

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