The Appreciated Movement

December 21, 2015
If you follow my Facebook page (you can follow me here) you’ll know that I recently attended an Of One Mind Networking Event at Lamborghini. Drinking cocktails, surrounded by supercars is not a bad way to spend an evening! However, the aim of the event was to do some networking and make new contacts, not sitting in cars I’ll never be able to afford (seriously they were like £300,000). At the event, I got chatting to Steven, who is behind ‘The Appreciated Movement‘.

How would you feel if someone, told you how much you are appreciated?

Bet it would make you feel pretty good, right? That’s what The Appreciated Movement is all about, taking the time to tell someone you appreciate them. It’s all too easy with our busy lives to forget to tell someone what they mean to you or sometimes even finding the time to speak to them. It doesn’t take much to show someone you value and appreciate them. When was the last time you called someone just for a chat? We don’t speak to our friends anymore. I remember a few years ago (before Facebook & Instagram) I would text or call my friends if I hadn’t seen them in a while. Now with Facebook I know exactly what’s going on in their lives, I ‘like’ their latest selfie and maybe comment on a post but I don’t make the same effort to contact them to talk as I used to. We have to remember that social media is a highlight reel of our lives. If I’m having a bad day, I’m not going to post about it on Facebook, I may still post a smiling selfie on Instagram, but that doesn’t mean everything is OK. Now if someone called me I might talk to them about my bad day, and I’m sure others are the same. A quick message from you saying how much you appreciate them could really make someone’s day.

“Don’t forget a person’s greatest emotional need is to feel appreciated” H. Jackson Brown

The Appreciated Movement aims to have 100,000 people tell someone how much they appreciate them. Everyone is amazing in their own way, and everyone deserves to feel valued. All it takes is for you to tell one person how amazing you think they are.
So how can you get involved and become part of the 100,000? It’s really simple all you have to do is find a picture of someone you appreciate and upload it to Instagram. Then write them a message, making sure you tag them in it (also tag @theappreciated and use #theAppreciated). Now you can enjoy the feeling of making someone feel appreciated (and making their day). Visit the Appreciated Movement’s website to find out more about how to get involved. Head over to Instagram (link) to read me getting all soppy in my message to my husband.

I can’t write a post on letting people know they are appreciated, without mentioning how much I appreciate all of you. Thank you so much for taking the time out of you day to read my blog and comment on my posts. I love reading your comments and appreciate every single one of them. I’ve had the most amazing year since I started blogging and have made some great friends (both online and off) and it’s all down to you guys visiting this little blog every week. You are all amazing people and I can’t wait to continue talking to you next year.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve taken part in the Appreciated Movement as I’d love to read your messages. Even if you don’t post on Instagram, please take the time to send a private message to someone you care about as it will make their day.

Being told you’re appreciated is one of the simplest, yet most incredible things you can ever hear.

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  1. I love this! You're so right, I definitely don't pick up the phone often enough, I used to be on the phone to my friends 3/4 times a week before Facebook/Instagram and Twitter! Crazy how things change and if you don't stop to think about it you'll probably never notice x

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