3 Sustainable Fashion Podcasts You Need to Hear

August 4, 2017

3 Sustainable Fashion Podcasts you need to hear

Podcasts have become my new favourite thing (late to the party I know). I’ve listened to them on and off for a while now but recently I’ve found myself choosing a podcast over music. My favourite type of podcast is the more educational ones. Turns out I really enjoy this way of learning.

One of my interests is sustainable fashion (you probably already guessed that from the sustainable fashion blog I write) so I always want to learn more about the topic. However, like everyone else, I’m time short. And when I do have the time I want to relax not research sustainable fashion or read a heavy going book. This is where podcasts come in. You can put a podcast on in the background no matter what you’re doing. Educating yourself whilst cleaning the bathroom is possible with a podcast. I have one on when I’m working around the house, walking the dog and on my daily commute. In fact, when I was away I found myself reaching for a podcast over a book whilst on my sun lounger.

I’m guessing if you read this blog you have a similar interest in sustainable fashion as me. SO I thought I would share 3 of my favourite sustainable fashion podcasts with you.

Conscious Chatter

If you’re into your sustainable fashion bloggers you will have probably already heard of Conscious Chatter. Hosted by the lovely Kestrel Jenkins who has a background in sustainable and fair trade fashion. The conscious chatter is one of the most know sustainable fashion podcasts. Kestrel delves into the issues of the fashion industry as well as unique developments in sustainability. I guarantee you will learn something with every episode. I recommend starting with:

Spirit of 608

Although not strictly about sustainable fashion many of the episodes discuss the topic. The Spirit of 608 features interviews with incredibly inspiring women from the fields of fashion, entrepreneurship, sustainability and tech (fest). The host Lorraine Sanders has a background in fashion journalism and like Kestrel she really knows her stuff. A couple of episodes I recommend are:

Wardrobe Crisis

I first came across Clare Press via her interview on Conscious Chatter so was excited to hear she was starting a podcast. Wardrobe Crisis is a relatively new podcast but there are a good few episodes for you to binge on. Another fashion journalist by trade Clare is another expert on the topic and speaks passionately about responsible fashion. To get you started I recommend:

Happy Listening!

7 responses to “3 Sustainable Fashion Podcasts You Need to Hear”

  1. Clementine says:

    Have you listened to the Mind Palace? I really enjoy their chats particularly their ones on sustainable fashion and minimalism

  2. Lyndsey says:

    I love this post! Also late to the podcast game myself I’ve been looking for some new subscriptions to keep me going. I’ve recently started writing too, I would really appreciate it if you had a little look at my page.
    Thanks again for the link up! X

    • Jen says:

      Your new blog looks great I love seeing people try out capsule wardrobes and being more ethical. Do you have any podcast suggestions to add to the mix? x

  3. Magalys says:

    I recently started listening to Conscious Chatter, I think I will check out Wardrobe Crisis next.

  4. Eliska says:

    Thank you for the tips! So glad to have come across your blog – I’ve refocussed my blog onto sustainable fashion recently and am always so pleased to come across great blogs on the same topic!

    Eliska @ Curated Theory

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