Summer Capsule Wardrobe Updates

July 3, 2017

Summer Capsule Wardrobe UpdatesIn traditional capsule wardrobe terms, the start of July means it’s time to switch over to your summer capsule wardrobe. However, I’m no longer following the strict four season capsule wardrobe method. This year I’ve adopted a more flexible approach. Here in Scotland, the weather doesn’t change much between spring and summer. So there isn’t much point in completely changing my wardrobe for summer. Especially when my current spring capsule wardrobe will work fine. However, this doesn’t mean I won’t be making a couple of changes.

Wardrobe Updates

The first change I’ve made is to put all my boots into storage. I was starting to feel I’m always wearing boots and wanted to give them a rest for a few months. I’m hoping that the summer will be nice enough that I won’t need to wear boots. I have my trainers for days it’s not warm enough for open summer shoes. However, like everything else in storage, if I need it then, of course, I’m going to wear it. But fingers crossed I can go boot free until September.

Not much else is being put into storage right now. I did think about putting away some of my long sleeve tops but this past week has been pretty cold so they are staying for now. I’ve also made a couple of purchases which I think will breath new life into my capsule wardrobe.

I picked up these Tencel¬†trousers from Thought which are so comfortable it’s like wearing PJs outside. I’ve already decided these will be my travel outfit when we fly later this week. This is the first piece made with Tencel I’ve owned and so far I’m really impressed with the material. It’s a bit like a cross between cotton and silk. It has the softness of silk with the easy care of cotton. Which is pretty much the perfect combo. The only slight negative is it does crease very easily. But that’s nothing a travel steamer can’t sort out.

I also ordered this beautiful cape throw (also from Thought) with my upcoming vacation in mind. I think this will be perfect for covering my shoulders from the sun (does anyone else’s shoulders always burn?) or adding a little glamour in the evening. But it’s not just for my vacation as I plan on wearing it at home to add a little style to jeans and a t-shirt. I’m sure this will be all over my Instagram so keep an eye out to see how I end up styling it. This is made from Bamboo which like the Tencel is super soft and comfortable against the skin.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

After my rant about how hard it is to buy ethical shoes, I’m happy to say I managed to find some. In fact, I found two pairs. First up are these Veja trainers. I’ve had my eye on Veja trainers for a while now I love that they use recycled materials and ethically sourced rubber. So when my old New Balance trainers were starting to show their age I bit the bullet and ordered a pair. My old trainers have now been resigned to dog walking only and these are now my go-to pair. I ordered mine from Zalando which works out a bit cheaper (if you’re in the UK).

Finding ethical trainers was the easy part since I’d already heard of Veja and knew I wanted a pair. Finding ethical sandals, however, wasn’t so easy. Luckily the ethical fashion community came to my rescue and I go my hands on my perfect slip ons. In the end, I went for these slip on sandals from vegan footwear brand Bourgeois Boheme. These were a bit of an investment but I think I’ll get plenty of wear out of them both at home and away. Which is what I wanted. As someone who normally goes for leather shoes, I’m really impressed with these. They are made out of Pinatex which is a type of leather made from Pineapple leaves. Yes, you read that right leather from Pineapple!

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  1. Andrea says:

    I’ve heard of the pineapple shoes. I think it was from The Green Closet on YouTube (she does all ethical/sustainability/green/capsule videos). Be sure to update in a couple of months, I’m curious how they hold up.

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