Summer Capsule Wardrobe Wrap Up

September 26, 2016

Wrap up of my capsule wardrobe

It’s that time of year again when I’m busy preparing my new capsule wardrobe. But before I share my autumn capsule wardrobe plans, I wanted to wrap up the summer capsule wardrobe. In this wrap-up post, I’m going to chat about how I got on with my summer capsule wardrobe. I’m going do this in a question and answer style to try to stop myself rambling on and on about my wardrobe.

Lessons learnt/takeaways from the summer capsule wardrobe

  1. Living in Scotland I need to be a little more flexible with my capsule wardrobe. Coping with the Scottish weather means I will need to dig into my autumn/winter clothes sometimes. Creating the fluid capsule wardrobe was the best way to cope with the changing weather.
  2. A half year wardrobe works best for the Scottish weather. We don’t get a proper summer so there is no need to swap over between spring and summer. I will be doing the same for autumn/winter this year.
  3. A capsule wardrobe needs to focus on your real lifestyle, not a fantasy lifestyle. I didn’t attend as many events as planned so had too many going out options in my wardrobe which I didn’t need.
  4. I spent too much time in loungewear. I want to change this going into autumn/winter and make more effort to get dressed in the morning rather than throwing on my sweats, which is far too easy when you’re working from home.
  5. I enjoyed having a more relaxed capsule wardrobe with less focus on the number of pieces and more flexibility to handle the changing weather. I will continue with this relaxed approach in autumn/winter.

Most Worn Pieces

  1. Topshop Lucas Jeans – wore these pretty much every day, they fit really nicely and have a relaxed shape to them
  2. Stripe button-down shirt – this shirt has been one of the most worn pieces in every capsule, I love the fit of this shirt and the stripe pattern
  3. Casual T-shirts – like the jeans, I’ve pretty much lived in simple t-shirts this summer
  4. Slip-on Trainers – these are so easy to wear and go with everything from jeans to dresses
  5. Whistles logo sweater – this lightweight sweater has been perfect for throwing on if it gets a little chilly

summer outfits

Least Worn Pieces

  1. White t-shirt dress – this felt a little too much like a beach cover up to wear here in Scotland. I will be adding it to my vacation capsule for my next trip
  2. Red button-down shirt – I love the colour of this shirt but hate the material which makes it uncomfortable to wear
  3. Black denim Skirt – this skirt doesn’t fit perfectly and is a little too tight across my hips making it a little uncomfortable
  4. White cami – we just didn’t get the weather for this top. I’ll be adding it to my vacation capsule along with the white t-shirt dress
  5. Spot print sleeveless blouse – not sure why I didn’t wear this more, I think it’s because it exposed the top of my arms which I’m a little insecure about

What Worked Well

I wore a lot of more casual outfits this summer, mainly because I was working from home so had no need to dress up. The wardrobe was a good mix of casual t-shirts and button-down shirts which work well with jeans. I developed a type of uniform of jeans and a t-shirt or button-down shirt over the summer, which made getting dressed super easy. I also had plenty of dress options for hotter days or days I fancied getting a little more dressed up. Overall this capsule wardrobe worked really well and never felt restrictive.

What Would I Change

I think I would have added in another pair of flat comfortable shoes, I found myself wearing my slip-on trainers almost every day as my only other options were heels. I will be sure to add this to my shopping list for next spring. I also would have paid more attention to wash and care instructions when building my capsule wardrobe. A lot of my pieces needed extra care when washing or ironing. For the first time in years, I found myself doing a weekly iron on a Sunday night. Life would have been a lot easier if my pieces didn’t require so much work.

Outfit collage

Goals For Autumn

  1. Create an autumn/winter half year wardrobe. Unlike last year, I’m going to include my chunky winter knits and boots right from the start so they are in my wardrobe when I need them. I’ll also be prepared for any cold spells we might get before Christmas. This may mean having more pieces in my wardrobe but I’m not going to focus on the final number, rather my focus will be on creating a useful wardrobe which works for me.
  2. Add more colour to my wardrobe. This something I started in summer and want to continue into autumn/winter as I’m starting to get fed up with all the black and grey. I’ve got some burgundy and red pieces which I’ll be adding for autumn, I’m also thinking about adding some colourful accessories. We’ll see how this plans works out, as I do tend to gravitate towards the blacks and greys, especially during the winter.
  3. Create a fall uniform/outfit formulas. Like I did doing the summer, I would like to create a couple of simple outfit formulas which I can use to make getting dressed even easier in the morning. I’ve been writing down a few outfit ideas for my autumn wardrobe, and can already see a couple of uniforms forming. I just need to try these out and see how they work in real life.
  4. More layering. Last year a lot of my winter wardrobe focused on chunky oversized knits rather than lots of layers. This year I want to make the most out of all my clothes and incorporate more layers into my outfits. I know layering is one of the best ways to dress for cold weather. I need to focus on this and resist the temptation to throw on a massive jumper on a cold day.
  5. Post more real life outfits. When I was looking out the pictures for this post, I noticed I didn’t post enough of my everyday outfits. I want to share what I wear on a daily basis with you and not just the outfits created for a photo shoot. I’m not sure how I will do this yet, but I’m thinking of maybe doing a monthly outfit/capsule wardrobe round up post. I’m just a little worried it will be a post on jeans and jumper combos.
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  1. Ruth MacGilp says:

    I love seeing your personal style really flourish and develop a really nice individual identity.

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