Style Lessons From The First Year of My Thirties

August 4, 2016

I’m turning thirty-one on Saturday, so I guess that means I’m well and truly into my thirties (read my thoughts on turning thirty). One of the biggest changes I’ve gone through this year is in my wardrobe. I decided to cut right back and create a capsule wardrobe, this has lead to an interest in ethical fashion and minimalism. All because I because I watched one film – The True Cost.

My wardrobe in my thirties is more about style than fashion. Fashion is about following trends and wearing what the magazines and shops tell you to. Whereas style is about being yourself and dressing how you want to dress.

Fashion Fades, Style Lasts Forever

I spent my twenties following fashion and buying into trends, I wasted a lot of money on clothes I hardly wore or didn’t suit me. I don’t regret this, though, as it was part of my journey towards where I am now. Now I’m in my thirties I feel I can finally say I understand my personal style and can focus on style over fashion. I recently read a quote from Sandra Mardi from saying “brands in your teens, fashion in your 20s and style in your 30s” and it’s so true in our teens all we care about is having the latest brand names (normally written all over your clothes). In our twenties, we care less about the brands and more about fashion and keeping up with the latest trends. And once you reach your thirties you realise that style is far more important than the latest brands or trends. In your thirties, you finally start to understand and find your personal style.


But you don’t just turn thirty and suddenly understand about style, it’s a learning process. I feel I’ve learnt a lot about style in the past year and wanted to share my style lessons from the first year of my thirties with you.

Quality Over Quantity

Since creating a capsule wardrobe I’ve really come to understand the importance of buying quality clothing. If you want your clothes to last for years to come you need to start investing in quality (read my tips for buying quality clothes). It’s definitely better to buy a few high-quality pieces rather than have a wardrobe packed full of low-quality clothes. In my early twenties, I would never have spent over £100 on one piece of clothing (I also didn’t have the money to do so), whereas now I’m far more willing to invest in my wardrobe as I want clothes to last. In your thirties, you start to understand that less really is more and slow fashion is so much better than fast fashion.

Simple is Best

I’ve learnt that simple shapes and styles work best and can be teamed with almost anything. A wardrobe full of simple high-quality basics is far more versatile than one full of fussy statement pieces. Back in my twenties, I may have bought into trends all about bold prints and statement pieces, but I now understand that that isn’t my style. My style is about simple clothes and jewellery, not big statement pieces.

Comfort is Key

In my twenties, I went out in ridiculously high heels which hurt my feet, or short skirts I had to pull down every 5 minutes. Now I want to feel comfortable in my clothes, whether that is a sensible shoe or longer skirt. Style is about being comfortable in what you’re wearing and choosing clothes which work for your lifestyle.

Knowing What Suits You

I’ve learnt what styles suit my shape and more importantly what doesn’t. I’ve worn things that didn’t suit me because they were on trend before, but never again. I’ve learnt the hard way what works for my body and what doesn’t. I’ve also realised that my shape has changed, I’ll never be the slim size 6 I was at twenty and that’s OK. This means no more mini skirts or low rise jeans

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