Storing Out of Season Clothes

November 9, 2015


Before I started my current capsule wardrobe experiment I never stored out of season clothes. Everything just stayed in my closet so I’d have my pretty summer dresses stored next to my cosy jumpers. I didn’t see anything wrong with this – I owned the clothes so why not keep it at hand. But in reality, I never wore my summer dresses in the depths of winter or vice versa for winter jumpers in summer. So these clothes were just wasting space in my closet and creating too much choice in the mornings. Since starting my capsule wardrobe journey I have removed all out of season clothes from my wardrobe. The idea of the capsule wardrobe is you have a reduced wardrobe for 3 months (or a season) and switch it out after the 3 months (read about my capsule wardrobe experiment). Right now I have no need for summer dresses but hopefully, I will in June (although I do live in Scotland so maybe not) so there is no point in having them in my wardrobe right now. This means I needed to find a way to store my summer clothes until I want to wear them again. Luckily we have a spare bedroom which has a pretty empty wardrobe (it had my wedding dress, and my husbands suit and kilt) which I’m able to use to store my out of season clothes. I like to hang my clothes so keeping them in a separate wardrobe made sense. However, I didn’t want things to be too accessible, but available if I suddenly decided I must wear that floral sundress in the middle of November (funnily enough this hasn’t happened). After a bit of browsing (mostly on the Lakeland website) and an unsuccessful trip to IKEA, I decided that garment bags would be the way to go. I did look into storage boxes and those vacuum bags but as I said I like to hang my clothes and since I had the wardrobe space it works for me. If you don’t have any extra wardrobe space, I suggest looking into under-bed storage boxes or vacuum bags. I brought these garment bags from Amazon, as they were one of the cheapest options.
So what do I have in my garment bags?
4 evening/cocktail dresses in separate bags (these are not part of my capsule, but I have ready just in case I’m invited to anything fancy)
One bag with my winter tops (I have put aside a couple of jumpers for my next capsule)
One winter dress (this is my knit dress which I want in my next capsule)
One bag with my summer tops
One bag with my summer dresses
One bag with my summer bottoms (skirts and trousers)
3 Blazers in separate bags (these can are for both my summer capsule and if needed for an event)
I also have a plastic box which contains my bikini’s and cover-ups. Until my big wardrobe purge these were taking up valuable drawer space, but since I’m unlikely to ever need these in Scotland I’ve stored them away until my next holiday.
Now I’ve stored away all my out of season clothes I can really see the advantages of doing this each season (even if you don’t have a capsule wardrobe). You keep your clothes looking good, all my clothes are in their garment bags which means there’s no dust or moths ruining them and because I’m not wearing and washing them regularly they should last longer. I’m also looking forward to pulling them out when it’s time to swap over my wardrobe. It’ll be like getting a whole new wardrobe without spending any money.

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