Spring 10×10 Style Challenge Wrap Up

April 19, 2017

Spring 10x10 style challengeI completed my Spring 10×10 style challenge on Monday. The Spring 10×10 style challenge involved selection 10 pieces and creating 10 unique outfits over 10 days. Yes, it’s as simple as it sounds. It’s time to wrap up the challenge sharing all my outfits as well as my thoughts on the challenge. As with all my wrap-up posts, I will do this in the form of a Q&A to stop me going off track and rambling.

What were the 5 biggest takeaways from the challenge?

  1. Being part of a community makes it so much more enjoyable. There has been a massive community of bloggers and Instagrammers taking part in this challenge from around the world. Everyone has been sharing their outfits and experiences using the #spring10x10 hashtag. Being part of this growing and supportive community has been such a positive experience. And just what I needed.
  2. Sharing outfits daily really forces you to think about how you style everything. It’s the little things like a front tuck, rolling up sleeves or adding a belt which makes a big difference to your outfit. During the challenge, I’ve been concentrating on these little styling tricks and I hope to carry this forward.
  3. Creating outfits for spring is easier than autumn. I found this challenge a lot easier than the autumn 10×10 I did last year. This could be down to having a more experience dressing with less or it could be that spring is easier to dress for. Although there were a couple of colder days I could get away with wearing what I wanted during the challenge. Unlike in September when I needed to add a warmer layer most days.
  4. Casual outfits don’t have to be boring. Every outfit in this challenge was pretty casual but none of them felt boring. I have a tendency to think no one wants to see my jeans and a tee outfits. But this couldn’t be further from the truth people (on Instagram anyway) want to see simple everyday outfits. I think this is far more realistic than the super glam outfits we see in our feeds every day.
  5. I want to share more outfit pictures. I’ve really enjoyed sharing my daily outfits on Instagram and want to continue. After all, I am a capsule wardrobe blogger so should be sharing more of my capsule wardrobe outfits.

The Outfits

All ten outfits from the spring 10x10 style challenge. 10 pieces, 10 outfits, 10 daysWhat were the key factors that made it work?

What would you do differently?

Favourite Outfits

Favourite outfits from the 10x10 style challengeWhat about laundry?

This was something I struggled with in my last challenge but this time wasn’t a big deal. I decided to hold off my usual weekly wash load until a few days into the challenge. This meant I had worn most things once before washing them. I did have one accident when I spilt tea down the front of my Breton top so that had to have an extra wash one evening. Other than that everything else stayed pretty clean. I did throw some of the tops into the machine on the steam refresh cycle (this spins clothes in hot steam for 20 minutes) to freshen them up between wears. I have managed to stick with my normal laundry routine of a weekly wash with a couple of refreshes in between. This isn’t too bad and definitely an improvement on last night when I had the washing machine on most evenings.

Will you do it again?

Yes! I really enjoyed this challenge and can see myself doing something like this next season. It’s a great way to start of a new capsule wardrobe and create new outfits for the season ahead. As already mentioned I would make more out of it here on the blog with daily outfit posts. I think a summer 10×10 will be happening later this year.

One response to “Spring 10×10 Style Challenge Wrap Up”

  1. Rachel says:

    Great outfits. I like the vertical stripe blouse outfits best but such a good range of mix and match pieces. Also I hope you don’t mind me saying but it’s lovely it is to see someone my shape blogging fabulous outfits. Much as a love both Caroline and Lee’s style they just don’t look like me which makes it all feel a bit unobtainable.

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