Where to Shop: Ethical Handbags

October 20, 2016

This is the first post in a new series on where to shop for ethical fashion. The aim is to cover as many different types of clothing and accessories separately before pulling it all together into a complete ethical shopping guide. Today I thought I’d start with where to buy your ethical handbag. I know I’m often more willing to invest a little more on a good quality handbag so where better to start than with everyone’s favourite investment piece. As well as being more sustainable and ethical options these brands create beautiful bags which will be in your wardrobe for years to come, which is what slow fashion is all about. These are all what I would call investment pieces as I really struggled to find more affordable ethical brands. If you know of any affordable and ethical bag brands please let me know in the comments.

Matt & Nat

Blue cross body bag

First up we have Matt & Nat which is probably one of the best known ethical bag companies. They have a massive range of bags and the designs are very similar to what you are used too so you are bound to find something you like. All of their bags are 100% vegan and are just as good quality (if not better) than a leather bag, no cheap PVC here. The prices range from £50 to £175 which is great value for a good quality handbag.

CRU London

Ethical Leather Handbag


CRU London has a beautiful range of leather backpacks and bucket bags. They work hard to ensure their leather is sourced in an environmentally responsible manner and every bag is handmade by artisans in Portugal. All the bags come in earthy caramel, chocolate brown or black with their signature red zip. Prices range from £90 to £210 so each bag is an investment piece.

Le Suri

Cork clutch bag

Le Suri is an innovative brand which makes handbags out of 100% cork. All of the cork used is sourced in Europe and the bags are created using traditional craft techniques. The cork feels like a leather handbag but is 100% vegan-friendly and eco-friendly. Prices range from 195 euros to 325 euros with free shipping within the EU.

EJ & Co Leather

Ethical leather handbag

EJ & Co is a local Edinburgh brand which specialises in making high-quality leather goods. All of their leather is ethically sourced and dyed using an environmentally friendly process. They capitalise on Scotland’s rich heritage producing beautiful simple bags and small leather goods. I love the rustic feel to their designs. Prices range from £35 to £154.

Stella Mccartney

High end designer ethical and sustainable bag If you are lucky enough to have a large budget most high-end designer bags would be a good investment as they tend to source the best quality leathers and their bags are handmade in Europe. Stella Mccartney is an obvious choice for an ethical and sustainable high-end designer. The brand takes its responsibility to sustainability very seriously and even publishes an environmental profit and loss account. Prices range from £455 to £1,250 (on Net A Porter) so they are a major investment piece.

2 responses to “Where to Shop: Ethical Handbags”

  1. I LOVE Matt & Nat and have several of their bags. Despite not being leather, they really are very sturdy and last for years. Plus the designs manage to be both innovative and classic. Great colours too. Am currently searching for a new one because my main day to day handbag is falling apart after about 5 years of use.

    • Jen says:

      I used to think non leather bags were poor quality until I discovered Matt & Nat too. Hope you find your perfect bag soon (5 years use is amazing)

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