Dressing Like A French Girl

July 18, 2018

12 Responsible French Brands

There is something about French style which has always fascinated me. French women always seem to look effortless yet put together at the same time. I love the way they use simple classic pieces to create delicate feminine outfits. There is something inherently conscious and sustainable about French style. With a focus on choosing high-quality classic pieces which will remain wardrobe stables for years to come.

As my style has evolved I’ve found myself searching for brands with that perfect mix of simple yet feminine. French brands seem to have mastered this and I’ve found myself drawn to them recently. As well as having the style I like, these French brands create high-quality clothes using quality materials and a surprising number of them still manufacture everything in France. In my opinion, it’s details like this which make a brand responsible and which make me feel comfortable purchasing from them.

I’ve put together this list of French brands which I believe are making clothes responsibly and I would be happy to purchase from. Remember to turn on Google translate to avoid testing your high school French.

12 Responsible French Brands


Lenvers is an ethical knitwear brand which focuses on timeless, simple pieces. All of the yarn is sourced in France and the knitting is done by artisans in Portugal and Spain to create a high-quality finished product. The knits are a little pricey but they are all classic pieces which should last for years and years so are well worth paying extra for.


Ekyog is an ethical fashion brand which creates elevated basics using natural, organic and recycled materials. They only work with partners who share their values and respect for the environment. They also have a recycling scheme which encourages customers to take old clothing to their stores for recycling.

[left]12 Responsible French Brands[/left] [right]12 Responsible French Brands[/right]

Mademoiselle D

Mademoiselle D is a small independent brand based in Paris. They create limited edition collections of pretty blouses and feminine dresses each season which are all made in Paris. The dress featured in the photographs in this post is from Mademoiselle D.

Soi Paris

Soi Paris was set up by two sisters who wanted to create clothes which told a story. They create the most beautiful and fun prints all of which have a story behind them. This is the place to go for fun printed dresses.

By Blanch

By Blanch is an ethical and vegan shoe brand. All their shoes are made using traditional techniques in Spain from Italian polyurethane. The material used complies to strict environmental standards to create an eco-friendly alternative to leather shoes.
12 Responsible French Brands

Les Sublimes

Les Sublimes is the place to stock up on all those French style essentials and basic pieces. From Breton stripes to button-down shirts everything is made fairly using sustainable materials. They also offer worldwide carbon neutral shipping.

Harpe Paris

Harpe Paris is a bridal brand but don’t let that put you off. They also sell pretty, romantic, delicate blouses and dresses. Everything is made in France and designed with the female body in mind to give everyone a flattering fit.


You can’t have a list of French brands without mentioning Veja. Veja create environmentally friendly sneakers, made with raw materials sourced from organic farming and ecological agriculture, without chemicals or polluting processes.

[left] 12 Responsible French Brands[/left] [right] 12 Responsible French Brands [/right]

Saint James 

Saint James is a French heritage brand which makes traditional Breton stripe tops. The brand is owned by its employees and has won awards for its ethical practices. If you want traditional Breton stripes this is the place to go.


Aatise is an ethical fashion brand which makes eco-friendly blouses and dresses. All of the fabrics used are eco-friendly and sourced from European countries. Each piece is made to order in France to reduce waste.

Minuit Sur Terre 

Minuit Sur Terre makes high-quality stylish vegan shoes. The shoes are made from eco-friendly leather alternatives in the Porto region of Portugal. Everything is created with respect for people, animals and the environment.

Anamour Paris

Anamour Paris creates beautiful, delicate, feminine pieces. Everything is designed and handmade in France using traditional methods. Anamour Paris only uses high-quality natural materials.

12 Responsible French Brands

My Outfit

Dress – Mademoiselle D

Shoes – Sezane (another French brand which I’m happy to buy from. They could be a little more transparent which is why I haven’t featured them in the round-up. However, they use high-quality materials and do tell you the country where each item is made. Their pieces are good quality and should last years if looked after)

Bag – Via Lia

Dressing like a french girl. 12 Responsible French brands you need to know about #frenchstyle #minimalstyle #femininestyle

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