Rainy Walks

October 24, 2016

outfit of the day for walking the dogThe other week I spoke about giving up the fantasy lifestyle and focusing on creating a wardrobe which works for my real life. And right now my real life involves lots of rainy dog walks (the joys of living in Scotland). I thought it was important to share this part of my life with you, as you only really see my outfits photographed in the home studio rather than out and about. The main reason for this is I’m a bit of a control freak and when taking pictures myself I’m in total control whereas when out and about I have to hand the camera over to my husband. Last week I managed to convince him to take the camera with us on our daily dog walk so you could see a little more of my real life. This is my favourite part of the day, I love getting out into the countryside and enjoying the peace and quiet for an hour. It’s funny that once I had the camera in my hand I became more aware of my surroundings, and if I do say it myself my daily walk has a pretty good view. This may not be the most exciting or fashion forward outfit post ever, but it certainly reflects my real lifestyle. Which is more dog walks than fancy events!

Scenic dog walk

Rainy day outfit

Target Dry waterproof jacketStyle + Fit Notes

Practicality: This outfit is more practical than anything else. The waterproof coat is a must in Scotland during the autumn and flat boots are needed when walking long distances. I always look for coats with large pockets for keeping dog mess bags and a spare tennis ball when out with the dog. This coat has 2 large pockets which makes it perfect for my dog walking must haves.

Colour: I went with a purple coat here, which brightens up a rather miserable damp day. As you know one of my autumn goals is to wear more colour (even when walking the dog) and this coat certainly ticks that box. It makes a big difference to my usual black coats.

High Neck: This stripe top has a funnel neck detail which helps keep the chill off my neck until I need my scarf. I also like the look of the high neck top with the coats collar, as it can be seen even with the coat done up.

Rainy day outfit of the day

purple rain coat outfit of the dayStand Out Piece

The stand out piece here has to be the purple coat I’m wearing. This raincoat from Target Dry* is what makes the outfit so practical and perfect for a rainy day dog walk in the countryside. I love the colour of this raincoat it’s bright and cheery but not so in your face that the farmers will be looking at you funny. It is a really easy way to add some colour to an outfit, even if it is just to walk the dog. It’s lined in a brushed cotton making it warm and cosy perfect for autumnal weather. As I said earlier the big pockets make it ideal for dog walking as you have somewhere to put your dog mess bags and in my case a spare ball. It’s a loose fit which means I’ll be able to fit a chunky knit underneath as the weather gets cooler. I don’t think it would be cosy enough for a cold winter’s day for right now it works well. But this isn’t just a coat for walking the dog, it’s so easy to throw on to pop to the shops or for going to work on a rainy day. I honestly think everyone needs a good waterproof jacket in their wardrobe and this is a great option.

walking the dog on a rainy dayShop My Wardrobe

Purple Raincoat – Target Dry Lighthouse Lana Raincoat

Stripe Top – Whistles (exact + ethical option)

Black Jeans – Oasis (exact + ethical option)

Ankle Boots – Oasis (ethical option + similar)

Autumn Walks in Scotland*the raincoat was gifted to me by Target Dry for the purposes of this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

3 responses to “Rainy Walks”

  1. Isobel says:

    I really miss dog walking and countryside walks. I rarely have time to do this anymore due to how busy my schedule is 🙁 you have such a lovely dog!

    Isobel x

  2. Kim says:

    Beautiful Scottish countryside! I love the purple raincoat – it’s a great color on you. And such a sweet dog!

  3. Caroline says:

    Gorgeous scenery. 🙂
    I think living in the countryside and having a dog has a whole different wardrobe to even those who live in a town/city and have a dog.. Completely different essentials. My day to day wardrobe is pretty similar to this, but minus the boots and add in some Uggs or Hunters! Ha! 🙂
    Your dog is lovely, also!


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