Principles of a Minimal Wardrobe

August 24, 2016
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We all know the benefits of a minimal/capsule wardrobe from quicker decisions in the morning to saving money to supporting the slow fashion movement. If you don’t know the benefits of a capsule wardrobe yet make sure you check out all my capsule wardrobe posts. Whether you have a capsule wardrobe or are trying a minimal wardrobe there are 3 basic principles these wardrobes follow. Once you understand these simple principles creating (and maintaining) a minimal wardrobe will be easy to achieve.

1. Curated

All good minimal wardrobes are also curated wardrobes. This means that you take the time to plan your wardrobe and identify gaps in your wardrobe before shopping. With a well curated and planned wardrobe, you will avoid impulse buys and will save money. You will also be aware of everything in your wardrobe making outfit planning that bit easier.

2. Quality

Quality over quantity is a key principle of a minimal wardrobe. You want to purchase the best quality pieces you can afford, remember you will be buying less at the same time so it won’t be as expensive as you think. Quality clothing also lasts a lot longer, so you will be saving money in the long run.

Remember less is more!

3. Functional

Your perfect minimal wardrobe is one which works for your lifestyle. There is no point in curating a collection of beautiful dresses if you spend your days in jeans and a t-shirt. If you work in an office your wardrobe should reflect that, in the same way, that if you work from home you probably won’t be needing many suits. Your clothes also need to be comfortable to wear and make you feel good in them.

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