Preparing Your Autumn Capsule Wardrobe

September 21, 2016

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I feel like I’m about a month behind other capsule wardrobe bloggers with preparing my autumn capsule wardrobe. This is because I decided to wait until the end of September before making the switch. And I’m so glad I did as we have been having some unseasonably warm weather here in Scotland. However over the last few days, I’ve noticed a definite chill in the air, and you can feel autumn is on its way. Which obviously means I’ve turned my mind to organising my autumn capsule wardrobe.

I love autumn fashion with the cosy knits, scarves and boots, so I’m really excited to get going with my autumn capsule wardrobe. The change in the seasons has really sparked my enthusiasm for capsule wardrobe again. I decided to keep my spring capsule throughout the summer creating a 6-month capsule rather than a 3-month capsule. This worked really well during the Scottish summer (which lets face it never gets very hot) and I want to try this approach again over the autumn/winter months. I also plan on being a little more flexible with the rules and allowing myself to make a few purchases over the season, based on the 5 piece French wardrobe concept. But right now the focus is on preparing for switching from summer to autumn and creating my autumn capsule wardrobe. I have a few basic steps to prepare for my autumn capsule wardrobe

Go Through Your Summer Wardrobe
The first step is to go through everything in your summer capsule wardrobe. Think about which pieces you would like to bring into your autumn capsule wardrobe and which pieces will be stored away until next summer. There may also be a few pieces you haven’t worn during the summer, think about whether or not these still have a place in your capsule wardrobe. If not then you get rid of them as there is no point in keeping clothes you no longer wear. I would do this before you start planning your autumn capsule wardrobe so you have a good idea of what will be staying.

Pull Your Autumn Clothes Out of Storage
After sorting through your current wardrobe, you should then pull all your autumn/winter clothes out of storage. Have a look through them to make sure they are all still in good condition (fingers crossed no moths got into your storage box). Ask yourself if you still love every piece, would you buy it if you saw it in a shop today? Think about the clothes you are keeping from your summer capsule wardrobe and whether or not they will work with these pieces.

Clean Your Autumn Clothes
Once you have pulled everything out of storage it is a good idea to give everything a clean. Even if you put clothes into storage clean, after nearly 6-months they will probably need a wash to freshen them up. Luckily the weather is still nice enough to hang washing out to dry so once washed everything will feel fresh. Always follow the wash instructions and take care with your knitwear. Now is also a great time to get your coats dry cleaned as you won’t be needing them for a few weeks. Also take this time to look for any repairs that need doing. Spend an evening with you sewing kit, replacing buttons etc.

Find Inspiration
Now you know exactly what you have and everything is clean and ready to wear it’s time to find some inspiration for your autumn capsule wardrobe. My favourite source of inspiration is Pinterest, I have an autumn winter style inspiration board which I fill with outfit ideas. Once I have a board full of inspiration, I will look through it to see which outfits I would like to recreate in my autumn capsule wardrobe. I’ll also check out fashion blogs and online stores for outfit and style inspiration.

Create a Colour Scheme
Using your inspiration and current clothes start to create a colour scheme for your autumn capsule wardrobe. In autumn I like to have deeper berry tones in my wardrobe as they reflect the season. Think about your core colours, plus 2 or 3 accent colours you can use to create interest. Colour doesn’t have to come from your clothes so think about how you can use accessories and makeup within your colour scheme

Identify Gaps
Once you know which pieces are staying and your colour scheme, you can start to identify the gaps in your wardrobe. Sometimes the best way to identify gaps is to live with your capsule wardrobe. You will start to notice pieces you don’t wear because there is something missing, or wishing you had a cosy cardigan or everyday dress. Take your time to identify the gaps and research a few options before making any purchases. You may want to set yourself a budget or only focus on ethical fashion brands.

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3 responses to “Preparing Your Autumn Capsule Wardrobe”

  1. These are pretty good ideas which I will definitely be using when I sort out my wardrobe!

    Isobel x

  2. Heather says:

    I’ve already put away most of my summer clothes and organised my winter wardrobe! x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

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