Preparing for Christmas with Independent Brands

December 4, 2017

Honest Skincare Candle

When you think about getting your home ready for Christmas you normally think about getting the tree up and stocking the cupboards. But what about the rest of the house? If you are hosting Christmas or having people to stay over the festive period it’s a good idea to think beyond the tree and a fully stocked fridge.

I’ve teamed up with some great independent brands to help you make sure your whole house is inviting this holiday season.

In The Bathroom

Fluffy towels, posh soaps and candles create a spa like feel in the bathroom

This room is used by pretty much everyone who visits over the festive period but often gets a little neglected. Now I’m not suggesting you put Christmas decorations in the bathroom. Although if you want a Christmas tree in the bathroom then go for it. But a little extra thought goes a long way in here. Think fancy soaps, fluffy towels and luxury candles. I love this soap and hand wash set from The Soap Co the black poppy and wild fig scent is perfect for this time of year but at the same time wouldn’t be out of place into the new year. For fluffy towels head to Greenfibres who have a great range of organic cotton towels. And of course to add that extra special touch you can’t go wrong with some scented candles. I love this winter scented tea light from Essence and Alchemy. They take up hardly any space but are powerful enough to fill a small room with scent.

In The Spare Bedroom

Comfy pillows, cosy blankets, and hot water bottles will make guests feel welcome

If you have guests staying over Christmas the spare bedroom needs to become their home away from home. If your house is anything like mine the spare bed becomes a dumping ground and covered in clutter. So before any guests arrive it’s important to tidy the room they will be sleeping in. This room spray from Essence and Alchemy will give the room a fresh scent which reminds me of a spa and is so inviting. If you can clear out a drawer or some wardrobe space for guests as living out of a suitcase isn’t fun even for one night. I always like to be able to unpack so try to give my guests a space for their belongings.

As well as cleaning the room make sure you wash the bedding so everything is fresh for your guests. Now is also a great time to replace your pillows if your spare ones are looking a little flat. The pillow in the picture is from Greenfibres and is very supportive and comfortable. It’s 100% organic too!

[col1]Preparing Your Home for Christmas[/col1]

[col2]Preparing Your Home for Christmas[/col2]

[col3]Preparing Your Home for Christmas[/col3]

As well as a clean fresh room it’s a good idea to add a few bits to make sure your guests stay warm. The temperature drops pretty low during the night at this time of year so leave a cosy blanket in the room in case your guests feel the cold. I love this recycled wool blanket from The Tartan Blanket Co which will be sure to keep everyone warm and cosy. As well as a blanket think about leaving out a hot water bottle to make sure the bed is extra cosy. This wool hot water bottle cover from Greenfibres will look great in the room as well as being practical.

Earn yourself extra hostess (or host) points by thinking about what your guests might forget. I don’t know about you but I’m very guilty of forgetting to take enough socks with me. So would love to find these organic ones from Greenfibres left out for me to use.

The Little Extras

Make guests feel special with fancy lotions and scented candles

Ermana lip balm

On the topic of those little-forgotten bits, I like to leave out a few toiletries for my guests to use. A good body lotion is a must for this time of year and this one from Honest Skincare is ideal. It smells lovely, soaks in quickly and leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated. I suggest leaving a bottle out somewhere in the room as no one will be able to resist. Another thing that’s essential and easy to forget is lip balm. This one from Ermana is incredibly moisturising and smells great. This mini hand wash and lotion from Just Be Botanicals makes it feel like a hotel and the scent is so fresh and uplifting. Plus it is very handy to have if an emergency gift is needed or to give to your guests.

Around The House

Scented Candles make your home smell like Christmas

I’m obsessed with candles this time of year and love having a few burning around the house. There is something very cosy and inviting about candlelight. I’m sure your guests will love the Hyggelit vibe they create. Look out for ones with fragrances which remind you or Christmas. My current favourites are Skye Candles Winter Warmer fragrance, COCOFOUR Pomegranate + Amber scent (my husband has even said he’d wear this as an aftershave the scent is THAT good) and Honest Skincare Autumn Fig.

Along with lots of candles, it’s a good idea to have a few extra blankets around in case guests feel chilly. I always have at least one blanket thrown over the sofa for anyone to wrap themselves up in. I even have a crate of blankets in the corner of the room if we need extra. They are perfect for late nights when we stay up after the heating goes off or chilly mornings.

Brands Featured

Preparing Your Home for Christmas

[left]Preparing Your Home for Christmas[/left]

[right]Preparing Your Home for Christmas[/right]

COCOFOUR – British brand making contemporary scented candles from soy wax. Soy wax is a natural and renewable resource which burns much cleaner than paraffin wax which is made from crude oil.

Ermana – Ermana is a skincare brand which creates 100% natural products using botanicals.

Essence and Alchemy – Collection of earth-friendly, small batch, scented good handmade in the UK. They use natural waxes and essential oils to create scents.

Honest Skincare – Natural skincare with no synthetic ingredients. Packaging is designed to be simple, biodegradable and reusable.

Greenfibres – A small UK based company specialising in organic products. They sell a range of homewares including organic pillows and towels which are all organic and ethically made.

Just Be Botanicals – Scottish brand selling natural products for the face, body and home. Every product is lovingly handmade in Scotland using purely natural ingredients.

Skye Candles – Soy wax candles made in Scotland using wax sourced from the USA. Skye Candles have a recycling program and refill jars offering a discount for returning used jars.

The Soap Co – Luxury ethical brand creating products for the body which nurture and care for skin. The Soap Co employs blind, disabled and disadvantaged workers who handcraft products here in the UK.

The Tartan Blanket Co – Scottish brand creating traditionally made wool and cashmere tartan blankets which are natural and sustainable. They have a range of blankets crafted some recycled wool.


Disclaimer: The post has been created in collaboration with a range of brands. All brands were hand picked by me based on their ethics and sustainability. The products featured in this post have either been gifted to me, loaned to me or purchased by me (because that’s the best way to support independent brands). As usual, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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