Overcoming the Desire to Shop

October 30, 2015

Whether you’re working with a capsule wardrobe or not I think most of us find ourselves tempted to shop every now and again. As part of my capsule wardrobe challenge, I’m not able to purchase any new clothes until December when I will be buying for my next capsule. Now I’ve only been working with a capsule wardrobe for a couple of weeks so haven’t had a real urge to shop yet, but I know it will come especially with Christmas (and Christmas nights out) coming up. I’ve been thinking of how to overcome the desire to shop and wanted to share 5 tips I’ve come up with to help you through the need to spend.

  1. If you’re trying to avoid spending money find something else to fill your time. If you normally spend your evening’s online shopping you need to find something else to do or even having a ‘quick’ look at Topshop’s new in section on your lunch hour. If you can leave your desk at lunchtime and go for a walk, if you need to stay at your desk don’t open your browser. In the evenings start a new series on Netflix or watch a film (make sure it’s something which requires your full attention, I know I sometimes have one eye on the TV and another on my phone/laptop). Remove online stores from your bookmarks (you can even block access if you really need to), make it difficult to get onto these sites so you’re less likely to find yourself wasting time on them. If your weekends are spent at the shops try going for a country walk instead. Or cleaning the house, this always works when you need a distraction as it gives you a clear focus and you’ll have a clean house at the end.
  2. Similarly to avoiding the shops and online shopping you need to remove the temptation to shop. If you don’t know what’s in store you’ll miss less tempted to visit. Unsubscribe from those daily emails designed to tempt you to spend. You know the ones offering 20% off for a limited time which means you must click through and buy. Trust me you won’t miss them and just think about how much time you’ll save not have to go through so many emails.Delete your credit card information from your favourite online stores and turn off one-click purchases. Keep your purse in another room (or at least on the other side of the room). Having to go get your card should prevent those impulse purchases as it’s no longer as easy as pushing a button.
  3. When you feel the urge to shop or just fancy something new pay a visit to your wardrobe. If you have time pull everything out, sometimes you need to see your clothes out of context (even if that’s on the bed instead of in the wardrobe). You may discover a fab top which you’ve only worn a couple of times stuffed in the back. Try on a few new outfit combinations anything goes even if you don’t think it will try it on anyway – you never know you may find a great new outfit. Having fewer clothes forces you to be more creative with what you’ve got so have a play around.
  4. So you’ve seen an amazing new dress and it’s at a great price. Put it in your basket (or saved items list) and walk away from your computer. Go and find something to do for a few hours or even better leave it a few days. Chances are you will forget about the dress and won’t want to make the purchase. If you really can’t stop thinking about the dress, consider whether or not if fits with your lifestyle before purchasing (read my tips on making sensible purchases).
  5. While the dress sits in your basket (or saved items) consider what else you could do with that money. For example, £150 could be night in a fancy hotel, a spa day or a night out with your partner. Or if you normally buy a new item for £50 each week that’s £200 a month which could go towards that dream trip or saving for a deposit for your own home.
There you have it, my top 5 tips on overcoming the desire to shop for new clothes. Remind to follow me on Bloglovin to keep track of my capsule wardrobe challenge and to see how this no clothes shopping until December works out (Fingers Crossed)


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