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December 9, 2015

Hands Up if You’re an Outfit Repeater!

(Puts Hands Up)
I’m most definitely an outfit repeater, I think most normal people are aren’t they. Seriously who has enough clothes (capsule wardrobe or not) to wear a completely new outfit every single day.  A couple of weeks ago when I was writing my capsule wardrobe update, I was thinking about my most worn clothes and was conscious that I tend to repeat outfits. I try to switch out accessories to keep things interesting but I most definitely repeat outfits. I did have a little panic and thought my capsule wardrobe wasn’t working and I need more choice so I won’t repeat outfits. But as we all know more clothes doesn’t equal more outfit choices, in fact, it ends up with piles of clothes on the floor and you complaining about having nothing to wear. My capsule wardrobe does create a lot of outfit options and I probably could find new outfits to wear most days. But why should I? Surely if you like your outfit and it makes you feel good, then you should wear it again. I enjoy spending time coming up with new ways to style items in my wardrobe (my 3 ways to wear post is a good example) but on a cold dark morning when I’m running late for work I want to know what works. If I’ve worn an outfit before and liked it then I’m reaching for it again.

Why is there such a stigma to outfit repeating?

Seriously do people even notice that you’ve worn the same outfit before! Think about it, can you remember what your colleagues were wearing last Wednesday? I bet you can’t. People have such busy lives and have so much going on that they don’t have the time or energy to remember what someone else is wearing. In fact, can you even remember what you were wearing last Wednesday? Probably not!
So if we don’t pay that much attention to what other people around us are wearing, why do we get so hung up on outfit repeating. Yes, celebrities never seem to wear the same thing twice, but we only really see pictures of them at fancy events (where they have probably been sent clothes from designers). I’m sure if they wear the same jeans and t-shirt to pop down the shops. We don’t have designers throwing clothes at us, most of us have a small number of items to work with so have to make do with what we’ve got, this often means repeating outfits. We need to get it out of our heads that this is a bad thing. Surely it’s a good thing that you’ve styled such a great outfit that you want to wear it again.

Everyday Outfits Vs Special Occasion Outfits

I know a lot of people are more than willing to repeat basic outfits for work but would never wear the same dress to a special occasion. I know when I started blogging, I felt really self-conscious about what to wear to events and tried not to wear the same thing twice. I would spend so much time thinking about my outfit and trying to look stylish that going to events became stressful. Blogging events are about enjoying yourself and getting to know other bloggers, not about what you’re wearing. Once I realised this, I started to relax a little more and most certainly have repeated outfits to blogging events. And guess what no one has noticed (or at least they’re all too polite to say anything)
Take family weddings for example. If your family is anything like mine then there’s a wedding every year or so. Chances are you go out and buy a new dress for every wedding you attend. Which adds up to quite an expensive habit. Why do we bother? If we can’t remember what our colleagues wore last year, can you honestly expect your aunt to remember what you wore to a wedding last year. Obviously I understand that a wedding is a special occasion and its nice to treat yourself to a new outfit, but if you have a few weddings every year surely it makes more sense to buy something you could wear to them all. If you buy a simple dress you can completely change the look of it with accessories so you feel like its different, trust me no one is going to notice your wearing the same dress. And if they do it says more about them, than it does about you.

Making Your Outfit Look Different

As I’ve already said people really don’t notice what you are wearing. Yes, someone might complement your dress or ask where you got your great boots from but they don’t remember your outfit. The only person you remember what you wore is you. And as I’ve already said if you like an outfit and it makes you feel good you should wear it again. However sometimes it’s nice to switch up an outfit a little so its goods a bit different. Take the outfit I’m wearing in the picture above (for some reason I had my eyes shut if every picture – this is the best of a bad bunch), its a pretty basic outfit of black jeans and a black jumper. I could completely change the outfit by swapping the flat Chelsea boots for a pair of heels ankle boots or even my Ted & Muffy over the knee boots. I could also remove the scarf and add a statement necklace or even just add a different scarf. I could push up the sleeves of the jumper and add a stack of bracelets. By using different bags I can make the outfit more casual or smarter. That’s just a few ideas of how I could switch up a basic outfit to keep it looking fresh. Which means I can repeat it more often without getting bored of it. As you can see in the picture below, I’m wearing a very similar outfit (with a black blouse instead of jumper) and have dressed it up for attending an event. By changing the shoes and bag I could wear this again to another event and not feel like I’m wearing the exact same thing.
Do you ever feel self-conscious about repeating an outfit or are you happy to wear the same thing twice?

Let’s Be Outfit Repeaters Together!

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